I’m Against Reality TV

February 27, 2005

In principle, I don’t like reality TV. Isn’t there enough politicking and backstabbing in the world already that we don’t need to manufacture it? I decided to break my no reality TV rule and watch the show Wickedly Perfect, designed to find “the next great stylemaker” (aka Martha Stewart). I’m a craftsy person so I thought the show would be a good fit for me. Contestants are given challenges to complete as a team as well as individual projects. The two people with the worst personal projects of the losing team are put on the chopping block and one is voted off by the team. Standard reality TV.

Last night, Darlene, was voted off. Granted, she’s a little annoying but in the last two weeks she proved that she had the best, most well rounded skills. Her team voted her off because they had better chemistry with Amy and because she posed the greatest threat. I should have know this would happen as they’re not trying to find “the best stylemaker” only “the next great”. I think the show would be just as interesting but more fair if the judges voted the contestants off so that you get the person with the best talents and not the best backstabber. I’m not a fan of The Apprentice but they’ve got that part right. I’ll still watch the last two episodes of Wickedly Perfect; I’ve invested a lot of time in the show, but I’m not going to enjoy them.

I am a fair person so I may give The Amazing Race a try before I give up on reality TV altogether. But this is the last chance I’m giving reality TV.

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My First Blog

February 26, 2005

Hello. Welcome to my blog; my online ramblings about things that interest me, occur to me, bug me, etc. It will mostly be about:

  1. Needlework
  2. My experiences adapting from a PC to a Mac (aka The Peanut)
  3. The Cubs
  4. Whatever else strikes my fancy

Why do I feel the need to blog about these things?

  1. Needlework is my passion. I love it. I find it relaxing, challenging, thought provoking… How I feel helps me determine what type of project to pick up – if I’m stressed, I knit to relax; if I want to be challenged, I cross stitch, if I’m feeling creative, I needlepoint. I experiment with different fibers and stitches. Most of all, I enjoy taking a blank slate, be it a skein of yarn, a piece of linen or a painted needlepoint canvas, and making something beautiful and one of a kind. Because needlework is my passion, I want other people to be passionate about it too. I intend to share my ideas, problems I had, how I solved them, stores I’ve visited and what I’m working on.
  2. I have always been anti-Mac. To me, Mac was computer-lite. The idiots version of a pc. I think I’m a smart person so it offended my sensibilities. And what was all the hype about iPods? I had another mp3 player that cost less, had more storage and played my songs. I will admit that the iPod is pretty sharp looking and when Bill and I were ready for new mp3 players, we got his-and-her iPods. It was more an experiment and not just jumping on the bandwagon. I am a big enough person to admit when I was wrong. I get it now – it’s small, cute, has great features, lots of accessories. I get it. As for the computer, I’d was fed-up with spyware and viruses, and had been having issues with my PC. I wanted a laptop so I decided to explore the World of Macs. I ended up with a 12-inch ibook which I dubbed The Peanut as it’s on the smallish side. Perfect size for me. I love it! It’s easy to use, intuitive, cute… There is a learning curve and things are different with a Mac, but it’s awesome. I’ve seen the light and am a better person for it. You can be too.
  3. In high school I heard the phrase “It’s better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all.” –author unknown. As a Cubs fan, I keep reminding myself of this. Seriously though, I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life, and I will go to my grave wearing a Cubs hat. I’ve converted my husband (shhh, don’t tell his parents) and we cheer them on together. Living outside the Chicagoland area has made this a little challenging but we travel to see them play and every year try to get to more and more games. Thank goodness for WGN being a superstation, DirecTV’s MLB Pass, XM Radio carrying all the games and TiVo. I joke that most people summer at the beach but I want to summer in Chicago to see my Cubs. If you’re looking for critical analysis of the Cubs, look elsewhere my friend. I’m all about the love.
  4. Finally, this is my website so I can talk about whatever I want and I intend to do so.

I hope you find it well written, witty and engaging. I hope that maybe you learn something or at the very least, were entertained. If you have questions or comments, let me know! Thanks for stopping by.

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