Christmas Stocking

April 24, 2005

I quickly learned with needlework that it is never to early to starting thinking about Christmas projects.

About two years ago I was shopping with my mom and I saw a needlepoint Christmas stocking that I thought was beautiful and very expensive (about $300). I didn’t buy it but since that shopping trip, it’s been in my head that I want to do a Christmas stocking. I’ve been looking for the stocking I saw, but haven’t been able to find it.

There’s a wide range of stockings out there. You can get a handpainted canvas for under $100 and for more than $500. Along with the difference in price, there is a big different in quality. What I’ve found is that the less expensive, the less complicated the pattern. There’s less detail and less shading.

Mom visited for Thanksgiving 2004 and once again, I fell in love with a stocking. But it was BIG BUCKS. Once again, I didn’t get it. But I kept thinking about it and finally I decided to sell my pets on eBay and buy the stocking.

The stocking is one of Melissa Shirley Designs. They are the Tiffany of needlepoint. I had to special order it and it took about 3 months while they painted it. Once it arrived the fun began and I picked out the threads. A little overwhelming, but the wonderful women at Needlewoman East in Falls Church helped. The next challenge has been picking out the stitches. I could have asked the Needlewoman East women, but I am determined to do it myself. So far the only stitch I’ve picked out is for the gingerbread house. (It’s a secret.)

The stocking measures approximately 22 1/2 inches long by 11 inches wide. In order to have the stocking finished for this Christmas, I need to finish stitching by mid-October. I want to have it well in advance so I’ve set a personal deadline of mid-September. This is a very ambitious deadline. My plan is to break the stocking into little manageable pieces. I will also need to take another trip back to the Needlewoman East as I don’t have every fiber I will need. I think I have about 75%. Waiting to get the last 25% gives me flexibility in the end; is it too sparkley, not sparkley enough? Is there a texture I’m missing? Etc…

This is my largest undertaking so far. Have I mentioned that it’s for me? Wish me luck!

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