Finished Ornaments

August 2, 2006

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas! Well, with the 100+ degree weather we’ve been having this week, maybe it is.

Earlier this summer I finished three Christmas ornaments and I took them to The Needlewoman East in Falls Church, VA, to have them “finished”. As I’ve said before, needlepoint finishing is an art in itself, and not something I have tried. Maybe in a few years.

On the white Christmas lights ornament, I used a new fiber – Flair by Rainbow Gallery. It’s a sheer nylon fiber which I thought was perfect for the lights. The challenge with this fiber is that it stretched and I pulled it too tight which biased my canvas. This piece definitely need to be blocked which restored it to its proper shape. I also used Snow by Caron and was told that Snow can also sometimes lead to pulling your pattern out of shape. My suggestion is if you stitch large areas in these fibers, stitch your piece in a frame.

Rudolph turned out well. I am very happy with him. The only thing I would have done differently is shortened the scarf and added some fringe to his scarf. I think that would have been a nice effect. Maybe next time.

Finally, Santa was a challenge. What I loved about the canvas was all the shading, but I couldn’t find the right shades of read, so I decided to ignore the shading. But then the piece wasn’t interesting enough so I pulled everything out. I pulled things out 3 times which eventually lead to me cutting the canvas. Not good. I was able to fix it and you’d never know where I made my mistake (what a relief). Lesson learned – pull it out once, pull it out twice, but you are asking for trouble if you go for a third time. I did eventually find the right shades for the project. I used Splendor for Santa’s suit, and used Neon Rays for the sleigh. The difference in texture is subtle, but I can tell the difference which is what really matters.

For more information on Rainbow Gallery fibers, check out their website. They have color cards as well as stitching tips.

My ornaments will go into storage for now, but Christmas will be here before I know it and I’ll be able to enjoy the decorations this holiday season.


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