It’s Back To Work

September 3, 2007

On Saturday, I got back from a fabulous week at the beach. I rented an apartment in Ocean City, MD, for a week with a girlfriend because my husband had a big work deadline and couldn’t take any time off. He and another friend were able to join us for a weekend. It wasn’t long enough but he was able to recharge his batteries. The week was so relaxing. My days were spent on the beach under an umbrella reading. And napping. And getting a cannoli and coffee for a late-morning snack. For a change of scenery, we drove to Assateague and parked our umbrellas on a different island. It did have a different feel being a national park and not having a boardwalk. Plus there were the wild ponies and evidence of wild ponies. It was beautiful for a day, but it was so much easier to drag our chairs, umbrellas, mini cooler, towels and books a block and a half. And I swam with dolphins again! They were about a hundred feet offshore but it was the same water. They are so beautiful! I saw a pod on Friday and they seemed to be only 50 feet offshore. It seemed so close. I’m not sure if the dolphins were my favorite, or the amazing moonrise we watched. The moon was full and huge and bright orange. As it rose, at the very end it seemed like a drop was going to fall off but then it got sucked back in as the moon cleared the horizon. It was amazing.

Aside from my moonrise, my evenings were spent with Ugly Betty Season 1 on DVD and a project on my lap. If there was one thing I wanted to get done on vacation, it was Cozy. I am pleased to report that Cozy is complete!! More on Cozy in another post.

It was hard to say goodbye to the beach. As fabulous as vacation was, it is great to be home with my hubby and the dog and cats. Bill and I talked on the phone but it’s just not the same. And I missed my snuggly critters. It was especially nice to have two days to get ready for work instead of just one. And even with the extra day, I’m still not ready for work. I did get started on some ironing though.

framingAfter having spent 4 hours in the car driving home on Saturday, Bill and I got in the car and drove 50 minutes to The Stitching Post to pick up my custom framing. The pieces were ready on Friday and I had to get them ASAP. It was worth every minute in the car. Everything turned out so well! They do a great job. There will be pictures of the framed pieces, once they get hung. I’m so happy!! And of course I had to pick up a new project and I’m trying out a new fiber. So exciting!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day. My day was labor free. Except for the picking up and ironing. Poor me… I certainly enjoyed my time off. I foresee Bill putting me in the car kicking and screaming tomorrow…

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