Cubs Clinch!!!

September 29, 2007

cubswinThe Cubs won their game bringing the Magic Number down to 1. They clinched if the Brewers lost. The Brewers game started an hour after the Cubs game so there was some waiting going on. The Cubs left the field not knowing if they would be celebrating that night. I think it was worth the approximately 60 minute wait. Brewers lost, Cubs enter the playoffs!!! Woo hoo!!!

I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life. I remember in 1989, I was a freshman in high school and my mom and I went to my Aunt Judi’s house to watch the Cubs clinch. My aunt bought a bottle of champagne and I was allowed to have a sip. And then I remember spending an entire Saturday sitting on the floor of our extra bedroom trying to get through for playoff tickets. And I got through!! I remember 4 years ago. My husband and I went to Florida and saw 3 playoff games. It was amazing. And now they have another chance to get to the World Series. All I can say is that I Believe.

jjgogglesThis has been a crazy season. These are some of my highlights:

  • The Cubs-White Sox series at Wrigley. Bases are loaded with 2 outs. Fans are going INSANE. Then, D Lee coming up to pinch hit after having been out for a couple of games. The crowd takes it up to REALLY INSANE which I didn’t think was possible. And he hits a grand slam. AMAZING!!! And I was at this game.
  • Mark DeRosa having his first 5 for 5 game. Go Quakers!!
  • Soriano’s lead-off homeruns.
  • Jacob catching a ball during a horrible loss to the Padres at Wrigley. I thought we were going to need an escort out of the bleachers because he wouldn’t throw the ball back. But some nice young girl gave him a throw-back ball and we were saved. (I caught a ball during batting practice at that same game.)
  • Ivan DeJesus stopping to give me an autograph. He was going to walk right past but I recognized him and asked “May I have your autograph Mr. DeJesus?” And he gave it to me (and some other Cubs fans). I saw him play shortstop while I was growing up.
  • Hearing the crowd sing “Go Cubs Go” after the ball games. Even here in Washington, the Cubs fans would sing while leaving RFK. The fans were singing it at Clark and Addison last night after the Cubs clinched.
  • That our 7th wedding anniversary was the date the Cubs turned it around! What a great anniversary present.
  • Jacque Jones putting on goggles for the champagne celebration. Smart guy!

I know that there are many other memories. And more to come.

Go Cubs!!

Check out the Chicago Tribune for more photos.


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