The Problem With Putting My Lips On

January 31, 2008

lipstickI’m so happy that I have finally accomplished something. FINALLY. I have been meaning to make myself a pouch for a very long time. Especially after I bought the cutest owl fabric. I currently use a pouch to organize my medication, lipstick, tums, bandaids, wet wipes, tissues, etc. You would think using a pouch would keep me organized by I feel like every other day I have to reorganize my purse because I can’t get it to zip up. I thought the solution was a bigger pouch but yesterday, I realized the problem was my lipstick. Every morning on my way to work, I dig through my pouch to pull out my lipliner, lipstick, and gloss. And I’m doing this at various stoplights on my way to work. The problem is that I only have 10 to 15 to 30 seconds at a time so I never put the stuff back in the pouch, I just drop it in my purse. And in the course of digging for my lip products, everything spills out of the pouch. I realized that I needed a separate pouch just for lip accessories.

Here it is. It’s 4 x 7 inches and flat (no box bottom). Fits my lip accessories perfectly. The ironic thing is that this morning I put on my lips before I left the house. It figures that once I have the essential tool to keep my purse organized, I will not need it as much as I did before. But if that’s the case, at least the adorable fabric makes me happy!

I am also mulling over a new pouch design for the rest of my accessories. (To be made in matching owl fabric, but a different colorway.)

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January 30, 2008

shotupdateOh my gosh, I have not been getting very much accomplished. Aside from a shop update last week, I’ve done nothing. I added a couple of necklaces and earrings to the inventory. Pretty sparkly things. If you get a chance, check it out.

As for my unproductiveess, after my birthday weekend (which was wonderful!!!), it was back to work and boy was that a shock. On top of it, I had night meetings two nights in a row which really throws off my schedule. And then of course it carried over to the weekend. I did get together with one of my closest friends and we hung out and worked on some projects. She has some beautiful alpaca yarn from Bolivia so we looked at some patterns. She wants to make a headband that she can tie around her head and we came up with a pattern. Once she finishes the headband, she’s going to use the remainder of the yarn to make a ruffle scarf. It will be beautiful. I wasn’t thinking because I didn’t take a picture of the yarn. I would say it’s sport weight yarn, on a spool, from Bolivia in a camel color. I’m very jealous… Of course we hung out while Bill cooked us up some yummy soup with homemade noodles. Perfect for a cold, windy Saturday. The recipe was from the February issue of O magazine. I couldn’t find it online or I would share…

Sunday was… well I barely remember. I think it involved picking up, laundry, and other non-eventful activities. I also think that my system is in a state of shock from the lack of football. I am looking forward to the Superbowl, not that I care about the teams. (Actually, I’m more looking forward to a delicious Superbowl meal that I haven’t picked out yet. But I know it will be delicious.) Last year, I had pizza flow in from Chicago. This year will not be as extravagent.

Yesterday was rainy and dreary. It was one of those days where I would have liked to stay in bed reading. No such luck. Actually, that makes me remember when I would read on the metro on my way to work. There was once (possibly twice) where I was so close to the end of my book when I got off the train, that I called in “running late” and diverted to a coffee shop to finish the book. Those days are past since I don’t read while I drive. You might think that a person can’t read while they drive and the scary thing is that I have seen fellow commuters (two, i think) do it. An actual novel. How scary is that? On a highway. Granted, a packed highway in stop and go traffic, but is there really any situation while driving where reading would be okay?

The good news is today is actually Wednesday and all morning I thought it was Tuesday. Well, that makes me feel much better!

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Celebrating the Big 33!

January 21, 2008

Yup, today is my 33rd birthday! It has been a fabulous birthday weekend. Saturday I did nothing. I felt like I was catching a cold (another one!) so I slept, watched tv, looked at my needlework but didn’t pick it up… I did get out for an hour to get some jewelry supplies and I worked on some scratch paper pads. All in all, I was a lazy bum and it was wonderful.

Sunday, we left the house early and headed to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge. I read about it in my 50 Hikes in Maryland book. The hike was short (1.7 miles) but it was very pretty. I think I saw a bald eagle while Bill was driving to the visitor’s center. Very big bird, large wingspan, white head. You tell me. The nice thing about hiking in cold weather is that you have things to yourself. The bad thing about hiking in cold weather is that it’s cold!

easternneck coldoutside easternneck2

From there we headed to our lodging in St. Michael’s, MD. We stayed at The Inn at Perry Cabin. I googled “pet friend St. Michael’s MD” and had 3 choices. For an extra $40, and a slightly higher pet fee, I was able to get a room with a water view. It was my birthday and I’m worth it. As it turned out, it really was worth it! We could get outside from our room (which is great when you have to walk a dog) and the view was beautiful!

inn1 inn2

We walked around St. Michael’s for a bit, and then relaxed in our room for the evening. Bill got us a delicious pizza which we ate while watching the very exciting Giants – Packers game. I was disappointed for Brett and the Packers, but it was a great game. The pups was exhausted. That is the secret for having a well behaved dog in a hotel. Tire her out! She even ate which she almost never does in new surroundings.m But after 16 hours of sleep, she was ready to go this morning! Crazy dog…

sleepypuppy playfulpuppy tuckahoe thirstypunkin

Before we left St. Michael’s, I hit B’s Stitches. Of course I found a needlepoint store! I picked up some very cute new projects. I’m very excited! And got a St. Michael’s souvenir. From there, on to Tuckahoe State Park. Very pretty park! This was definitely more of an adventure. The trail was longer, not exactly flat, and you actually had to follow trail markers. The only downside was that it was hunting season and we weren’t wearing fluorescent orange. Thankfully, my bears jacket had a bright orange inside so I tied that around my shoulders. It was a little nerve-wrecking worrying about hunters but it was only an issue for about a half mile. Most of the hike was in a no hunting area. It was a beautiful hike. Definitely worked up a sweat! Went through the forest, hiked next to a creek and later a meadow. So pretty! We were thirsty after our adventure. From there, we headed home. Now we have the evening to relax. I also took tomorrow off of work so I have one more day to enjoy my birthday!

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I Love My Owls

January 13, 2008

owlsI think I’ve mentioned that I’m on a big owl kick. Anything with owls. Artwork. Address Labels. Fabric. Beads. More artwork. My latest addition is the gold bank (in the photo). I met a friend for lunch and we did a little shopping. I was looking for a cute bookend to keep my DVDs from toppling over. I had thought about needlepointing a brick cover but that would take too long. I had seen some cute bookends in West Elm and the store was near our restaurant to so we popped in. They had this owl bank on sale. I knew it would work perfectly because I actually only needed one bookend. So with a little change in my bank, it is the perfect thing to keep my diverse selection of DVDs in place. Isn’t the little pincushion owl cute too? I think he’s the little guy that started it all about a year ago.

Ugh. Time for bed.


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The Great Drawer Project of ’08

January 11, 2008

It actually started in ’07. On a trip to IKEA, I saw this cute little drawer set that I thought would be perfect for my sewing notions. Let’s just say, Some Assembly Required. Thankfully, Bill did not curse me all that much, though I stayed way out of his way which it got put together.

drawer project finisheddrawers

We (and really that means mostly Bill) finally got to the painting this week. The original green that I picked out was way to green. Not remotely what I had in mind. We switched to more of a sagey green which still isn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’s a great improvement. I wanted something more appley. I could have asked really nicely and Bill would have done a 5th and 6th coat, but I more wanted to get this bad boy in use. It stores my zippers, magnetic clips, bias tape, elastic. You name it, it’s in there. Except for threads. Those are elsewhere.

Didn’t my hubby do a great job? All that’s left is labeling the drawers.


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Beauty Is…

January 10, 2008

Ellia over at Green Bean Baby had a great post on beauty. In response to her question, here’s some things that I think are beautiful:

finishedtodo colleenbaranring dawn bamboo

A completed to-do list, a gorgeous handmade ring, a colorful sunrise (this morning’s sunrise), a bit of tranquility in chaos… and the last thing would be a happy family of which I have thousands of pictures fluttering around in my head.


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Handmade For Me

January 6, 2008

I received some wonderful handmade gifts for Christmas. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post the pictures.

My aunt is into beading and she made me two necklaces and a bracelet. I probably shouldn’t have favorites, but I do. One necklace is made from different shades of Indian stones. I could swear that I saw a similar necklace online and I loved it. Then there’s my little elephant from Tiny Warbler. He’s just a little guy, maybe 2 inches tall, and he’s got the cutest little tail. And finally, there’s my little Penelope made by Five Trees. She’s just so cute sitting with me, wearing her little scarf.

necklace elephant penelope

I’m so happy to be able to support other people and their amazing talents. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have beautiful jewelry to wear and adorable little critters to keep me company.


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Phlegm Sucks, But Keep Reading

January 3, 2008

Ugh, I’ve been sick again. But thanks to better living through chemistry, I am on the road to recovery. Really. Honest. I caught another cold, or perhaps I never really got over my last one, and this was the worse one yet. Really knocked me on my hind-quarters. I was uber congested which aggravated my asthma so I felt like I had a 30-50 pound weight on my chest all the time. I was in urgent care on Monday getting a breathing treatment. And then yesterday I saw my doctor who gave me the good stuff – antibiotics. I am feeling so much better. Still phlegmy, but definitely on the mend. Yay. Unfortunately that also means back to work.

cjgoodwillIn non-phlegmy news, this is an interesting article about where to donate items. Most of it is specific to the metro DC area, but maybe it will give you ideas. I wish I had this article two weeks ago. In a fit of (frustration, productivity, and an urgent need for space) I threw out a bunch of old sheets. Most were in good condition but it seemed weird to goodwill them. I could have asked our German Shepard Rescue if they needed them. And speaking of the rescue, or rescue pup is guarding one of my many bags to go to Purple Heart.

Also, one of my favorite articles to read in the Washington Post is Housecalls. People submit rooms they would like a professional interior designer’s help with. There’s “before” pictures and an “after” sketch by the designer with a list of improvements. It’s cool and a great way to get some ideas.

If you’re sick, and it seems like so many are, I hope that you’re feeling better; sick enough to be curled up in bed, but well enough to work on a fun, relaxing project (or surf the internet for inspiration!).

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008

organizeGoodbye 2007, hello 2008! Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions? I do, Bill doesn’t. I feel that without goals, you can’t tell if you’re making progress. But that’s me. So here’s what I’ve come up with so far for 2008:

1. Finish my afghans (2 of them already in progress)
2. Read more.
3. Finish Great Expectations (see #2)
5. Make more time to be outside.
6. Grow my business.
7. Be more organized.
8. Live simple.
9. Blog more.
10. Work down my stash (of needlepoint, cross stitch, knitting, scrabooking, etc)
11. Be a better (pet) mommy and wife.
12. Catch up on my photo albums.
13. Learn to make croissants from scratch.

It’s a start. I wish you nothing but love, success, happiness, and health in the new year!

(updated on 1/3 with numbers 9 to 13.)


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