January 30, 2008

shotupdateOh my gosh, I have not been getting very much accomplished. Aside from a shop update last week, I’ve done nothing. I added a couple of necklaces and earrings to the inventory. Pretty sparkly things. If you get a chance, check it out.

As for my unproductiveess, after my birthday weekend (which was wonderful!!!), it was back to work and boy was that a shock. On top of it, I had night meetings two nights in a row which really throws off my schedule. And then of course it carried over to the weekend. I did get together with one of my closest friends and we hung out and worked on some projects. She has some beautiful alpaca yarn from Bolivia so we looked at some patterns. She wants to make a headband that she can tie around her head and we came up with a pattern. Once she finishes the headband, she’s going to use the remainder of the yarn to make a ruffle scarf. It will be beautiful. I wasn’t thinking because I didn’t take a picture of the yarn. I would say it’s sport weight yarn, on a spool, from Bolivia in a camel color. I’m very jealous… Of course we hung out while Bill cooked us up some yummy soup with homemade noodles. Perfect for a cold, windy Saturday. The recipe was from the February issue of O magazine. I couldn’t find it online or I would share…

Sunday was… well I barely remember. I think it involved picking up, laundry, and other non-eventful activities. I also think that my system is in a state of shock from the lack of football. I am looking forward to the Superbowl, not that I care about the teams. (Actually, I’m more looking forward to a delicious Superbowl meal that I haven’t picked out yet. But I know it will be delicious.) Last year, I had pizza flow in from Chicago. This year will not be as extravagent.

Yesterday was rainy and dreary. It was one of those days where I would have liked to stay in bed reading. No such luck. Actually, that makes me remember when I would read on the metro on my way to work. There was once (possibly twice) where I was so close to the end of my book when I got off the train, that I called in “running late” and diverted to a coffee shop to finish the book. Those days are past since I don’t read while I drive. You might think that a person can’t read while they drive and the scary thing is that I have seen fellow commuters (two, i think) do it. An actual novel. How scary is that? On a highway. Granted, a packed highway in stop and go traffic, but is there really any situation while driving where reading would be okay?

The good news is today is actually Wednesday and all morning I thought it was Tuesday. Well, that makes me feel much better!

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