Clearly, I Am Meant To Live In Chaos

July 30, 2008

Last night’s activity, though I really wanted nothing more than vegetating on the couch watching the Cubs, was to work on the garage a bit. I go into the garage at least twice a day, once in the morning to get into my car to go to work, and once at the end of the day when I park my car in the garage. It is a horrible way to start the day, walking through a disaster zone.

My focus was the shelving unit that holds our To-Be-Ebayed items and our pantry over flow. I had plenty of plastic containers around which makes the job much easier. Things still need to be labeled, but at least they are in a spot, like things grouped together. Now they are easier to access and the plastic containers make things stackable and that creates more room. Beverage storage is tough for us. I’ve tried keeping soda in the cases but that creates a different kind of mess. We’ll see how this works. For now, it is 100 times better.

pantryshelfbefore pantryshelfafter

Next up was the trunk of my car. The trunk of my car is tiny to begin with and when it’s messy, even less fits in there. I like to keep a pair of old sneakers and clean socks in my trunk in case I have car problems. Now that I drive to work, I wear my “work” shoes. When I took the train, I always wore sneakers and changed shoes at the office. I just want to make sure I have comfy shoes in case I find myself in a situation where I have to walk. And I put two bottles of water in the box just in case. Again, 100 times better. And it only took 5 minutes.

trunk-before trunkafter

This is the next bit that I have to tackle. It is already better now that Bill and I broke down the cardboard boxes for recycling and put the trash and recycling out. Still a little more to do, but isn’t there always.

Garagenext office chaos

So at home, things are looking better. Then I come to work. Summer time at work means cleaning up the files and getting ready for the start of the next budget season. On to of it, I was waiting for another piece of furniture to give me additional storage. Well, the furniture was delivered and it was huge. So I spent most of the morning moving things around. Now that the furniture is in it’s place, I’ve started putting stuff away and it looks about 50 times better, but still needs some work.


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