A Classic Ivy League Defensive Battle

October 28, 2008

Also known as a low scoring game that got exciting at the end. Penn pulled out a victory in the final minutes. I took the train up to see my mom and Jacob and to go to the Penn-Yale game in New Haven. I’ve been looking forward to it since the start of football season. I even knit a special scarf for it – my potato chip scarf (again, details on that later). The forecast was for rain but it held off until the game ended. Yay! My last time at Yale, Bill and I were in the band and we got SOOO wet. I have never been that wet in my life. It just poured on us. That was the smelliest bus ride home. Wool sweaters and water and 5 hours on a bus is not a good mix. If I knew where my band music was I could show you the mold from that game. I digress…

I love the train. It’s a shame it’s kinda expensive because it is a great way to travel. I just wasn’t up to doing the drive, especially having done it two weeks earlier. It was nice to have 4 hours to relax. I read Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man which seemed fitting being on a train. (Nick and Nora traveled by train in one of the Thin Man movies.) I also spent some time knitting while watching Gossip Girl and Samantha Who? The 4 hour train ride went very quickly. Oh, and should I mention I took a nap? I slept through the stop in Wilmington and woke up as we passed Penn’s campus and pulled into 30th Street Station. Ahhh, Philly, so good to see you. (I went to college in Philly and worked there for 2 years before moving to DC.)

Anyhoo, I got in late on Friday. Saturday was spent tailgating, enjoying the game football and then relaxing on the couch with my mom. Sunday was back to “work”. My mom made me a dress two years ago that I was supposed to wear to a wedding but it didn’t fit. The good news is that it fits now and I am going to wear it to an upcoming event. It needed some alterations so that’s how mom spent Sunday and Monday. While mom worked, I napped and then kept her company. I was able to make some serious progress on a Christmas scarf.

I’m hoping the dress still fits after all the yummy food I ate this weekend. We had a yummy lunch while tailgating. And then pizza after the game. Oh, and Mom made pumpkin scones for breakfast. On Sunday, Jacob and Mom took me to a delicious Indian buffet. The food was awesome. I love the sauces. I think I need to learn how to cook some Indian dishes. On Monday, Mom and I had this amazing pasta pizza. It was a gajillion calories, and worth every one. It had alfredo sauce, pasta and a cheese we couldn’t identify. It might not sound good, but it was. That was probably more then you wanted to know about what I ate this weekend.

It wasn’t a super exciting weekend, but I got quality time with Mom and Jacob which was great. And I have this absolutely gorgeous dress… Now to find the right shoes…


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Sunday, Glorious Sunday

October 22, 2008

I meant to do this blog post on Sunday and here I am on Wednesday, finally getting around to it. Sigh…

Anyway, this is one of the best Sundays I have had in awhile. Nearly perfect. I woke up around 8am and decided to stay in bed and read. I had thoughts of going to Starbucks for a hot apple cider I had promised myself the day before, but I was so comfortable I decided against it. Around 9:45, I decided to go for that HAC, so I quickly get ready and walked quickly to the Target (which has a Starbucks and is about 5 minutes closer than the actual Starbucks). Plus, I was able to pick up some cream cheese for some bagels I had in the freezer. In 20 minutes I was back home heating up said bagel, and 3 minutes after that, I was back in bed. Success!

It was wonderful, relaxing, lazy, decadent… I have to make time for this more often! I did drag myself out of bed before 1 to head down to the couch with my knitting. And ‘da Bears. I was able to finish my potato chip scarf (no pictures yet). This scarf was more of a mental challenge than a knitting challenge. Details to come in a separate post.

I have also committed myself to a local holiday bazaar. I am excited and nervous but my business has taken a back seat to other stuff so far this year and I feel like this is a good way to resuscitate it. My mom has agreed to help me (yay for moms!) and I’ve figured out a plan to make is as low-stress as possible. This weekend including some time spent cutting fabric and ironing. Last night I started working on some zippered pouches. I’ve also started work on a scarf that I am making as a Christmas present. And, I started a new book (The Thin Man, Dashiell Hammett).

I can’t forget to tell you about the previous weekend when I went up to Connecticut to see Jacob, my mom and my aunt who was visiting from Salt Lake City. The weather was gorgeous and the colors were beautiful! Jacob chauffeured us around CT as we took in the colors ( and I took in the back of my eyelids) but we did find a place to get fresh apple cider. Yum! The next day Mom, Lynn and I went to NYC and did tons of walking. I really need to invest in a good pair of nice looking black walking shoes. We walked from Grand Central Station to the fashion district and went into a couple of findings (buttons, ribbons, trim, etc) store and Mode Fabrics (from Project Runway!). Then we headed on to 5th Avenue to Central Park (I think it’s down, I’m too lazy to check a map) with a brief stop for cupcakes from Crumbs (YUM!), eaten in Bryant Park. Then down 5th Avenue with a stop in St. Pat’s cathedral and Henri Bendel’s where my aunt bought me an awesome canvas bag!! Onto Central Park for a nice walk and then back to the Plaza Hotel where we asked a doorman for a place where we could get pizza and beer (and rest our weary feet). The pizza was great (can’t remember the name of the place) and the beer was ice cold (so refreshing). We then walked to Times Square and met up with my friend and her nephews who were visiting from Bolivia. And then we walked back to Grand Central Station, caught the train home to Connecticut and went to sleep. What a day! It was fantastic! I had to go home the next day, but I’m so glad I was able to spend that time with my family.

As my dad says, “you know what I know.”


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5 Months Later…

October 8, 2008

Yikes, it’s really been 5 months since I started my bedroom redo. Well, at last it is finally done. It did take awhile to find all the pieces and then even longer to get it put together. Where to start? First, I do have to point out that due to the lighting, the walls photograph much pinker than they are in real life. The color is much more subtle.

Moving on, the wall art is fabric stretched over canvas. The wall is big and I needed something of a decent size to hold its own on the wall. This worked well and was easy to due.

The curtains and comforter are from Target, as are the flowered pillows. I wanted something to break up all the flowers so I made the small striped pillows out of kitchen towels.

The big project was the bedskirt. Apparently, my box spring is a little taller than a normal box spring so the bedskirt hung nowhere close to the floor. Bill found some striped fabric at Joanne’s and I added a border to the bottom of the store-bought bedskirt. It actually turned out pretty well. And the mirror which you can see better in this picture, was hanging in a different room but it works perfectly in here. If you are eagle eyes, you might notice my other framed artwork. And it’s souvenir from a trip my mom and I took to Cabo san Lucas. I also took some stuff off the walls and that made a big difference. Less is more.

I am enjoying the “new” room and am very pleased with my efforts! As is CJ!


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Miscellaneous Thoughts

October 1, 2008

This is my version of an ostrich burying it’s head. Which is something I would kinda like to do. Things have been crazier than normal in Casa Napier. The end result is a very positive thing. But sometimes you have to go downhill in an uphill climb (a pet peeve of mine while hiking). So here are some random thoughts:

1. I am incredibly grateful for my friends and family. I’ve been really busy and overwhelmed, and some people have really stepped up and been there for me. It’s been awesome and I’m feeling very lucky to have some wonderful people in my life. Mom, Claudia, Suzie, Brad… YOU ROCK! And others have offered to help with is also greatly appreciated.

2. The state of the economy scares me. Do I really need to elaborate?

3. The Cubs first playoff game is tonight. I am very excited! Go Cubs!

4. My pups makes me laugh. Here she is sleeping with her head under the bed. She was very comfortable but I thought she looks funny. She loves to be towel dried. I wipe her paws every morning but she really wants her head dried. Even though it isn’t wet. So cute.

5. Bill started a new job and is like a kid in a candy store. It makes me happy to see him so happy.

6. Don’t let yourself get too busy that you don’t enjoy life and take time for yourself. Really.


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