Everyone’s A Winner and Christmas FO 1

December 17, 2008

Is anyone else freakin’ out that Christmas is 8 days away??? So many gifts to finish and pack up and get in their merry way.

This scarf is one gift that has already begun its journey. I knit up My So Called Scarf using Manos on size 10.5 needles. I have been wanting to knit up this scarf for some time and I finally got around to it. This beauty is going to someone in a cold climate so I think it is perfect. The scarf took me about 3 weeks (working sporadically). I had a little trouble getting used to the pattern, but once I did it went fast. I didn’t measure the scarf before I sent it out, but if it were for me, I would probably have started a third skein of yarn. I have a feeling the length is about 55 – 60 inches and it’s about 6 inches wide. I like my scarves long, but I have a thicker neck than most. I just love this pattern. Check out more pictures here and here.

On a separate note, thanks for those who participated in my giveaway! The good news is that everyone who left a comment is a winner! I will be in touch to let you know what your pouch options are and to get your snail mail addresses. Okay, I’m related to 3 of you so I don’t need your addresses, but you still do get to choose your design. I’m looking forward to trying Keri’s candy cane cookies. I was able to do some Christmas baking last week with my mother-in-law. It was very fun! I ate way too much dough, and I was on my “good” behavior. We made oatmeal scotchies which turned out well (we’ve had problems with these being too flat in the past), pressed cookies (I even got to work the press!!!), sugar cookies and snickerdoodles. All in about 4 hours. CJ helped, but her strength is in the clean-up. (Here she is again.) I have been enjoying cookies all week and surprisingly enough, there are still some left. The holiday season has been flying by and I haven’t had or been taking the time to enjoy it. I feel like I’m running from one deadline to another. But the baking really helped it feel like Christmas. Thanks, Jeanne!!!

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