Viva Las Vegas

October 5, 2009

So guess where I‚??ve been? We drove to Vegas on Friday with my inlaws and flew back to California today. So much fun! Bill and I aren‚??t big gamblers, and we aren‚??t big show people either. But we do enjoy relaxing by the pool, penny and nickel slots, nickel video poker, and amazing buffets. We stayed at the Stratosphere hotel which was very nice. They have an amazing view of the strip from their tower. And crazy rides up there. For insane people.

The drive took us about 9 hours. I made some very good progress on Tessa. Saturday we rented a cabana for ultra white boy, I mean my husband. Bill parents got to enjoy partial shade and the Penn State game while Bill enjoyed full shade and his kindle. We had a nice dinner with his parents, dropped them at their show, and Bill and I headed to the Wynn. I love the Wynn. It is by the same guy who did the Bellagio and it is beautiful. I found my favorite slot machine at the Wynn, Dean Martin‚??s Wild Party. Dean Martin sang to me. ‚??C‚??mon and dance with me. Go, go, go, go‚?¶‚?Ě It was very entertaining. And good to me on Saturday, but not as good to me on Sunday. Bill would walk past me and hear me say ‚??c‚??mon Dean Martin.‚?Ě I played lots of other machines, but Dean Martin was my favorite. I turned my $20 into $54 on Saturday. Sunday, I made a donation to the Wynn, but it took me 6 hours to do it and I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process.

Sunday we had the Champagne Brunch Buffet at the Wynn. It was Amazing. With a capital ‚??A.‚?Ě It had traditional breakfast/brunch stuff and prime rib and brisket, and sushi, and seafood, and then Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Indian dishes. And the dessert room! A whole room of desserts! Bill eventually rolled me out of there. It was definitely a premium buffet at $40 a person (with unlimited champagne), but that was our Sunday meal and our big splurge. So worth it!!

We played more machines at the Wynn. And had some free drinks. Yup, the drink ladies walked the penny slot areas. The highlight of the night was the guy who gave us a $120 slot voucher. He was having a good night and decided to share the wealth. He happened to walk past us, asked us what kind of night we were having and Bill responded with ‚??a good night.‚?Ě They guy asked ‚??really good, or just okay‚?Ě and Bill and answered with just okay. The guy‚??s response was ‚??here, have this‚?Ě and he walked away. I asked Bill what he had been given and Bill showed me the $120 voucher. I went ‚??seriously?‚?Ě They guy turned and came back and whispered that he was having a great night and up $64,000 and then he practically skipped away. Bill cashed out the $120 and we practically skipped away. It doesn‚??t hurt to be friendly.

Today was checkout day but we didn‚??t have to leave for the airport until 5. The weather was beautiful and we sat by the pool and read for the afternoon. It was comfortable in the sun, but a little cool so we didn‚??t swim. Then it was the airport and home.

As Dean Martin would sing, ‚??Don‚??t stop. Don‚??t stop. Just go, go, go, go, go‚?¶‚?Ě


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