Basking In Post-Christmas Bliss And Movie Reviews

December 28, 2009

Yes, I am. Hopefully you are too! Our Christmas was as I expected: low-key and wonderful! Bill made a delicious dinner Christmas Eve which included a Honeybaked Ham, broccoli rice casserole, creamed spinach, applesauce (homemade) and cranberry orange relish. It was super delish and we are still enjoying it!

Christmas morning was gift opening, skyping with family and opening presents via the web, Sherlock Holmes, playing with our Christmas presents, and a little bit of knitting. Bill got a blu-ray player so we had to watch a movie (Transformers 2 which looked amazing) during which I started a new shawl (rav link here).

I got some great gifts. Just a few books (nicely stacked in the photo), including a really cool book on wallpaper projects. Bill got me a purty new necklace and my big gift from him was a parrot. Not a bird, but bluetooth for my car. It’s installed and automatically connects to my phone so that I can talk wirelessly. AND, I can play music off my iphone through my car speakers. It’s pretty cool. I got some sequined chuck taylor’s from my in-laws. My mom bought me a pretty piece of artwork that I picked out when we were in Monterey. It’s a beautiful small floral oil painting and I like supporting local artists. There’s other stuff, but these are some of my favorites.

The rest of the weekend seemed to fly by. Bill got some new wii games that we haven’t even opened yet. We did see Avatar in digital 3D. It was amazing. James Cameron created the most beautiful world and with the 3D I felt like I was floating in it. But the movie also had a very good storyline and it was really, really enjoyable. The bad guys are so bad you just hate them. Visually stunning, excellent film.

As I mentioned, we saw Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day. I am partial to Basil Rathbone as Mr. Holmes and don’t watch any other Holmeses. Robert Downey Jr. was excellent and Jude Law as Watson was surprisingly good. It was action packed, funny, kinda violent, with a bit of a love story. I really liked it.

Today we saw Nine. I might mention that these movies double the number of movies we have seen in a theatre all year. As for Nine, it was okay. Daniel Day Lewis was excellent but his character wasn’t someone I was particularly rooting for. The females in the movie are amazing and the dance numbers were spectacular, my favorites being Fergie’s and Kate Hudson’s. It was good, but not my favorite of the three.

There’s one more movie I’d like to see, The Blind Side. I’ve cleaned off my cutting table and am thinking about some sewing projects. I’m enjoying my shawl which I’m knitting up in delicious Sundara silky cashmere yarn (one of my top 5 favorite yarns). I’ve got some organizing to do in our wrapping room and our guest bedroom, and want to do a goodwill run before the end of the year. That’s what I’ll be up to these next few days.

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