Doing The Happy Dance

August 28, 2010

This happy dance started last Sunday. I went to Joanne to buy some supplies for a couple of projects. I had coupons, but most of my stuff was already on sale. I bought duck cloth and cotton fabric for some fabric boxes, more duck cloth for some bean bags, and fusible interfacing for some bags and to make sure I had some on hand. The interfacing wasn’t on sale so I was able to use my coupon.

I got to the cutting table and had 16 people in front of me. What to do, what to do… Not many options so I went with looking at pattern books. As it turns out, simplicity patterns were 5 for $5 and I found 5 that I liked. You can never have too many patterns. Once my fabric was cut, I checked out and would you believe that I saved $103? I did, I did!!!!!  You are probably wondering how much I spent to save so much.  I spent $36.  Yup, I saved almost three times what I spent.  The patterns were a big chunk of my savings and a great deal!

Doing the happy dance…

On Thursday, I started a project with my sale duck cloth.  I have been meaning to make fabric boxes to store some blurays and wii stuff on our tv entertainment center.  There’s this great tutorial on All Buttoned Up that I’ve been using.  I finished my first box. I’m always amazed when something actually turns out how I want it to turn out.  Especially on the first try.  The box actually fits my blurays.

Fabric Blu Ray Box

Doing the happy dance…

I made a couple of additions to the tutorial.  I stitched in the ditch a little on the side seams of the boxes so that when I slid in my interfacing, they would stay in place.  I’m able to slide them into a little pocket. Then I stitched in the ditch along the bottom seams to keep everything in place.  Just about two inches. And instead of interfacing, I used manilla folders to line my boxes.  We have lots of manilla folders lying around.  I don’t plan on these boxes being washable.  Hence my using manilla folders.  I didn’t prewash my duck cloth, and I’m pretty sure it would still shrink even if I had prewashed it.  I’ll vacuum them if they get dusty.

One box down, five more to go.


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