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September 1, 2010

My projects at the stare of September's Focus on Favorites

I was talking with a friend a week or two ago, and she mentioned how she wasn’t going to take any more classes or start any new projects until she finished some of the quilt tops she had already started. I knew the sentiment but didn’t really think anything of it. Somewhere in the dark and cobwebby section of my brain, an idea started to percolate.

How many projects, both knitting and sewing and otherwise, do I have in different baskets, bags, and drawers that I started but never finished?

I spent one afternoon pulling out all those projects.  The grand total came to 34 projects.  Some were started a week ago, some were started four years ago.  Some need only an hour to be finished, some probably three weeks.  I can’t say why some of these projects were set aside.  Perhaps my adult onset ADHD, maybe boredom, most likely something shiny (or more interesting) caught my eye.

How many of these projects could be completed if I spent a month focusing on finishing these projects?

I’m going to try and find out.  I’m calling this September my Focus on Finishing.  I’m really excited about getting some of these projects completed.  It’s an opportunity to clean up my craft room, get some stuff done, and clear the decks before Christmas crafting starts.  I’m not going to put any of these projects away until they are either done or the month is over.  If I’m lucky, one of these projects might end up being a Christmas gift.

Bill asked me this morning if I had a plan of attack.  There’s definitely some low hanging fruit that I’m going to start with to build up some momentum.  And I already know that there’s at least one project I am not going to work on, an afghan I’m knitting that’s only about 20% complete.  It’s more of a November – December thing anyway, when it’s cooler outside and you want something warm on your lap.  There’s a couple of larger projects that I’m going to try and work on every week so that I make progress, but still leave time for other things.  My goal is to try and finish at least 25 projects.

Here’s a list of all the projects (from left to right):

  1. halloween knee socks     (Row 1)
  2. whippoorwill shawl
  3. craft room curtains
  4. baby booties
  5. cabled capelet
  6. my design tote bag     (Row 2)
  7. satin lingerie set
  8. cotton skirt
  9. bill’s pj bottoms #1
  10. green chevron love mittens
  11. nappy (gym) bag     (Row 3)
  12. amy’s quilt
  13. lizard ridge afghan
  14. feather & fan scarf
  15. cotton voile top
  16. blue basketweave cotton top     (Row 4)
  17. elephant pin cushions
  18. fuschia satin top
  19. gathered scarf
  20. coasters     (Row 5)
  21. bill’s pj bottoms #2
  22. bb chevron love mittens
  23. fabric boxes
  24. happy forest sagano shawl
  25. basketweave afghan     (Row 6)
  26. christmas pjs
  27. dog bed
  28. black and white tunic
  29. concetta cardi
  30. green table     (Row 7)
  31. jersey knit top
  32. tawashi
  33. green and white cotton top
  34. sweetheart cuff down socks

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and if you’re interested, feel free to join me this month as I Focus on Finishing.

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