Another Lazy Sunday

November 7, 2010

I have had the laziest Sunday.  Bill has been out of town, so it’s just me and the kids.  I woke up thinking I might try and get a walk in, but it was overcast and rainy.  Eh, maybe later.  So I showered and got dressed and ready for football.  That meant camping out on the couch for the next three hours.  Even though this is my intention every weekend, I inevitably end up doing laundry, picking up… but today all I did was knit.  Bill and I texted back and forth as we watched the game.  CJ doesn’t like it when I watch football.  So much yellingks, and with her papa not here, she has to check on me.

is everything ok?

After the Bears game, which they won, I put on the Colts – Eagles game.  And it made me so sleepy…  So I gave in and ended up sleeping for much longer than I intended.  I woke up just in time for the Blackhawks hockey game.  No time for a walk.  Graciepants had also been napping so I took advantage of her grogginess and put her on my lap.

laps are comfortables

I think she’s saying “this isn’t so bad.”  Occasionally she will climb onto my lap when I’m sitting in the craft room, but I think she’s still not sure that she’s allowed in the living room.  We bonded.  Then I made myself dinner:  a very nutritious spinach salad with totally unnutritious homemade mac and cheese.  It was loaded with calcium…  The hockey game ended (they lost, boo) so I switched to the Sunday night football game which is looking to be a blowout.  I should take it as a sign and turn off the tv and get to my writing.  I am been writing a little over 2,000 words a day and am ahead of schedule.  I’m really thrown off with the time change, my nap, lack of husband.  I still have time to get my 2,000 words in.  I considered taking CJ for a walk, but it’s dark and rainy.

I find that my workouts have been very helpful with the writing. Not my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays because it’s hard to think when someone’s yelling at you, but after class I’ll sit on a bike for 15 or 20 minutes and think about my characters and where they are going that day.  Same thing when I walk on the other days.  I’ve made some voice recordings on my phone so I can remember what I’ve come up with, but I haven’t had to refer to them yet.  Whether good or bad, I’m not planning very far in advance.  I find that my ideal writing time is from 12 – 3ish. We’ll see how the writing goes tonight.  I’m contemplating a beer to loosen up the creative muscles.  Plus, a beer just sounds tasty. One of Bill’s home brews…mmmm!

I hope you have had enjoyable Sundays and that you are ready for the new week.

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