Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

December 29, 2010

christmas tree 2010

My mom and Bill are making dinner in the kitchen and I’m staying out of the way, taking a few minutes to update my blog.  I can’t believe that we are just two days away from the new year. Wowza.  It has been a most wonderful holiday season.  My mom and Jacob were in town for Christmas.  It was very nice to have family around for the holiday; definitely felt extra special.  They were here from Connecticut, enjoying our milder temperatures. The weather (rain) cooperated and rained mostly in the evenings so we were able to enjoy the outdoors.  We went for a walk in Santa Cruz one afternoon.

me and bill and gracie by the tree

When family comes to visit, we don’t do a lot of sight-seeing. Maybe it’s selfish or laziness on our part, but we really just want to visit.  We figure that if people want to see something, they’ll let us know.  We have done little outings.  We went to Google for lunch and gave Jacob a short tour.  As I mentioned, we went to Santa Cruz.  We went to see Harry Potter.  And Bill took Jacob for a couple of bike rides.  I almost forgot that we went to a wine tasting at Mountain Winery in Saratoga.  It’s up in the mountains and we had a beautiful view towards the bay.  They do concerts at the winery in the summer time and have a lot of space and we were encouraged to take our wine and explore.  It was very nice. Jacob went home on Monday giving us a nice long visit with mom.  Yesterday, she and I had a mother-daughter day and went to Los Gatos for lunch and a little shopping.

santa cruz, ca in december

We’ve also done lots of knitting,and DVD watching.  Yesterday I cut some fabric to make my mom a tote bag which I have to sew tomorrow.  We also introduced my mom to Mario Cart on the Wii which has been a ton of fun!

In addition to having my mom and Jacob here for Christmas, we video conferenced with Bill’s grandmother and his parents and brother on Christmas day.  It was very fun and we were able to open our presents “together” and we got to show them our Gracie-pants.  This is the second year we’ve done it and it’s worked out very well.

I hope that all of you have been enjoying the holidays as much as we have!

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So Sleepy…

December 16, 2010

I have been working into the wee hours trying to get Christmas presents done.  I’m really kicking myself because I knew during the summer that I wanted to make these presents but of course I waited until the last minute.  When am I going to learn? Hopefully before I’m 70.  Bill’s been pitching in and has been a huge help.  And he had a helper.  She scares me because she likes to be underfoot (literally) when someone’s at the sewing machine, and look at how her tail is wrapped around the wheel of the chair.

Bill and his helper making presents

I was knocked out for a couple of days with a cold.  Yup, another cold.  I must need to get out more and expose myself to germs so that I can build up an immunity.  I catch a lot more colds now than I did when I was working.  It’s weird.  But while I was sick, Bill decorated the gingerbread men.  Suffice it to say, he enjoyed himself.

Bill's gingerbread men

I finished a big gift today so I’m feeling very good.  I only have three more to finish but they are manageable.  And then I’ve got to get to my Christmas cards and my tree.  My tree is up and has lights so the house is feeling festive.  We weren’t sure how interested Gracie would be in the tree so we’ve had it up for about two weeks.  She’s not been very interested in it, but we’ll see how it goes with dangly things hanging from it.

Last week, Bill and I went to one of his holiday parties.  It was fun.  They had a bunch of photobooths, and I think Bill and I went into each one.  I love photo booths.

Google Party Photobooth

I hope all of you are enjoying the holidays!  It is a most wonderful time of year!

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