How I Did On My February Goals

February 28, 2011

It was a short month, but I think I did pretty well on my goals.

1. Finish Amy√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs Quilt. ¬†¬†Done and mailed. ¬†Yippee!!!

2. Sew Mom√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs Bag and mail out her goodies. ¬†The Fabric is already cut, just waiting to be put together. Finished, now I have to pack up the box.

birdie sling for mom

3.  Get to halfway point on Basketweave afghan.  Yup, pulled that bad boy out.

4.¬† Create something.¬†¬†I did a floral applique. ¬†I was inspired by a pillow I saw in House Beautiful that was done in brown. ¬†I’ve never done anything like it, so it qualifies as a creation in my world.

my "creation"

I should have used stabilizer to avoid the major puckering that I’ve got, but I’m hoping if I iron the crap out of it and make a snug fitting case that it won’t look too bad. ¬†I’ll have to finish this tomorrow.

5. ¬†Lose 5 pounds. Still struggling with this one. ¬†I’m down about two pounds which is better than a sharp stick in the eye.

6. ¬†Finish √Ę‚?¨ň?75 and√Ę‚?¨‚?Ę76 photo album.¬†¬†Done! ¬†This was a beast. ¬†The project started because the albums my mom did a very long time ago were starting to fall apart.

the reason for my photo album project

I bought pages where I could slide in the photos, added some color and redid the comments.  It was more time consuming than you would think but I think it looks good.  I only have three or four more to do.

photo album page


7.  Read 3 books. The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, An Incomplete Revenge by Jacqueline Winspear, and Trixie Belden and the Red Trailer Mystery by Julie Campbell.

8. ¬†Read my book and edit the first 3 chapters. ¬†Didn’t get to this one, but I did spell check it and print out a copy of my story. ¬†That’s progress.

9. ¬†Finish my Valentine√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs socks. ¬†Perhaps I am not meant to be a sock knitter. ¬†They take me for. ev. er.

10. ¬†Finish Billington Bag.¬†¬†”Ding dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead…” ¬†That’s how I feel about this bag. ¬†It was such an ordeal for me. ¬†I think it turned out ok, but more than anything I’m just happy I don’t have to work on it anymore. ¬†The pattern was good, it just didn’t agree with me. ¬†Took a long time to knit, worried I overfelted but ended up looking ok once it was dry and then the lining and feet just gave me fits.

billington bag, finished

inside the billington bag

I finished 7 out of 10 which isn’t too bad. ¬†Especially when you think about the other things I did during the month. ¬†I worked on a new shawl which is about 70% complete, and I made a pillow out of my sashiko embroidery. ¬†And, I made myself a necklace and my aunt a pair of earrings. ¬†The earrings were requested a gajillion years ago (last May) but now they are done.

That’s a pretty productive month.

Now to mull over March goals.

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