I Am A Fabric Cutting Machine

March 15, 2011


I have cut enough fabric to last me awhile.  My first priority was cutting the fabric for my mystery quilt weekend which is coming up.  I’m excited and nervous!  I took my time cutting but was able to finish it in two afternoons and one marathon afternoon and evening session.  It wasn’t as tedious as I thought it would be and it went quickly.  What surprised me was how much fun I had playing with the fabrics.  It was fun to see them all spread out and then see them in little pieces.  Some of the fabrics are so beautiful. That’s an Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric above and I just love it!  I love it so much it will be in my quilt three times in three different colorways.

mystery quilt fabric packs

I’ve never done a mystery quilt.  The instructions have you cut each piece of fabric into a certain sizes.  All my different cuts are organized in ziploc bags.  I’m so curious to see how this comes together.

all ready for my mystery quilt weekend

I’m ready for my quilting weekend!  I packed up everything right away so that I wouldn’t lose track of anything.


And then, because I hadn’t spent enough time cutting fabric, I cut fabric for another quilt.  I’m going to make the Fenced In quilt from The Practical Guide to Patchwork.  It’s going to be for our guest bedroom and I’m using the entire collection of Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush Line.  I made throw pillows out of one of Ms. Horner’s other lines of fabric (Good Folks)and I was thinking I would have to remake all those pillows (and I really like them so this was not a happy thought).  Thank goodness for Bill who helped me realize the pillows would work with the new quilt I’m making.  The existing fabrics compliment the ones I’m going to use. That was a huge relief.  He’s pretty handy to keep around and helps me when I want to make more work for myself. Anyhoo, back to the quilt.  I’m deviating from the instructions a bit because I’m using 22 different prints instead of the 9 suggested in the books, but I’ve got a plan.  And have I mentioned this is going to be a *King* size quilt?!?

I also cut fabric for a new top which is on my to do list for the month.  Now that all this fabric is cut, I better spend some quality time in front of my machine.  I think it will be a miracle if I finish both these quilt this year though, based on how long Amy’s quilt took.  Thankfully, I believe in miracles.


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