April Goals

April 7, 2011

It’s seven days into the month, but never too late to set goals.  I’ll start by first looking at how I did with March, which I think was my worst month so far.

1.  Make new pillows for the living room.  In progress…  I need to change the thread in my machine but am too lazy to do it so I haven’t worked on this for about a week.

2.  Finish my basketweave afghan. Done!

Basketweave Afghan, complete!

3.  Finish mohair scarf (so that the cat stops pulling it out of my knitting basket during the night). Done!

modeling my alchemy scarf

4.  Cut Innocent Crush Fabric for a new quilt. Done!  And I even started the piecing!


5.  Make a top.  Halfway there…  I cut the fabric.

6.  Knit a sweater.  I started one…  But then got distracted by a shawl.

7.  Keep my schedule at the gym. I did it! I made a couple of tradeoffs where if I skipped a class I walked and the next day did a more vigorous cardio workout, but I think all in all I can say I kept my schedule.  Also, when I stopped focusing on a number and did the things I know I’m supposed to do, I lost 8 pounds!

8.  Read 3 books. Done!  The Trouble with Magic by Madelyn Alt (brain candy, quick and entertaining), The Two Chinatowns by Dan Mahoney (NYPD police procedural, it was eh), and The Late Bloomers Revolution by Amy Cohen (cute, would be a perfect beach read)

9.  Finish Valentine socks.  Not quite there, but I made serious progress.  I am just so sick of knitting them…

10.  Make some tablet pouches.  This is a great bit UGH.  I started to sew them together and realized I cut the fabric too small.  I am going to have to come up with a new way to salvage the project but for now I am bummed and need a break.

So March wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I had a 50% completion rate, but I did get my hands in everything I wanted to accomplish, even if I didn’t finish those things.  I did a couple of other things that weren’t on the list, like reading my novel (which wasn’t as horrible as I expected it to be) and I cut the fabric for my mystery quilt, and I moved some stuff around my craft room in my constant attempt to make things less cluttered.  Moving on…

Here are my April Goals (and some of these will look a little familiar):

1.  Complete Innocent Crush quilt.

2.  Finish living room pillows.

3.  Finish making myself a cotton top.

4.  Read 4 (!) books.  (At least one of them is going to be a young adult novel from my Trixie Belden collection.)

5.  Edit chapters 1 – 3 of my book.

6.  Make 5 tablet pouches.

7.  Finish Cheques shawl.  (I need a break from the socks.)

8.  Sew the small flying geese for my mystery quilt.

9.  Keep exercising and eating right!

That’s a pretty good list for the month.  I better get to it!


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