Southern Hospitality

May 10, 2011


We just got back from a relaxing week in Nashville, visiting Bill’s grandmother.  Aside from a little bit of a headache in getting there, the week was wonderful.  Our flight was delayed leaving San Francisco and we missed our connection in Dallas by five (!) minutes, keeping us in Dallas for an extra three hours.  Actually, given some of the storm clouds that we flew around, we were lucky we weren’t delayed longer.  Those were some scary clouds, as I was mesmerized by the pockets of near constant lightning. Eventually we made it to a rainy Nashville and were spoiled with southern hospitality.


I look forward to our trips to Nashville because it is pure relaxation.  We don’t take advantage of anything Nashville has to offer which is probably a shame, but we’re there to visit with the family.  Instead, we relax.  It’s about the only time I really let myself sit and do nothing if that’s what I feel like doing.  Or not doing, maybe.  I did a bit of reading, some sudokus, I picked up some needlepoint for the first time in a couple of years, and I did a lot of staring at the lake.  My big activity was my daily walk up the driveway to pick up the mail. (That’s not Gran’s mailbox in the photo above.  We did venture out once for a walk around the neighborhood and that mailbox was begging to be photographed).  Bill’s uncle and family live next door so there was visiting with them, and lots of chatting with Gran.


We did do a puzzle, took Gran to a couple of stores, and made a stop at Rita’s Water Ice which was sooooo delicious.  (I miss Rita’s.)


It was a lovely visit.


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Don’t Fence Me In

May 6, 2011




Here’s my finished Innocent Crush quilt top, in the Fenced In pattern.  I like how it turned out but my big dilemma is how to quilt it.  My comfort level lies with straight lines, but the quilt is dominated by straight lines.  I am considering trying to free motion it but that has me a wee bit nervous. I really want to do the quilting myself but all that fabric has me concerned about my ability to maneuver the fabric.  We will see.

Gracie is enjoying the quilt.  First she played in her fort and then she rolled around on it after I spread it on the bed.  Gracie tested, Gracie approved.

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May Goals

May 3, 2011


I kind of stalled out in April.  I did not accomplish much of anything.  So I am going to cheat and roll my April goals into May.  Hopefully May will be a lot more productive.

I did finish my cotton top but haven’t photographed it yet.  And I read 5 (!) books this month – two Trixie Belden mysteries, The Search by Nora Roberts (love her romance novels), Rhett Butler’s People (Gone With the Wind from Rhett’s perspective) and The Baker Street Letters by Michael Robertson which would be excellent summer reading.

I also finished my innocent crush quilt top and the quilt back but need to sandwich and quilt.

So I did do stuff, just not a lot.  That’s life.  We’ll see how May goes.

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