Sleep Is Overrated

June 14, 2011

We, at Casa Napier, are suffering from some pretty obnoxious jet lag.  We’ve been asleep by 8:45 and up between 4:30 and 5 am. It’s been like that for five days.  It’s horrible.  Last night, we managed to stay up until 10:30 and I slept in until 6:30!  Actually, my ideal time to wake up would be 7:30ish so I’m almost there. 5am is a tad early.  Especially on a Saturday.  But on Saturday, I gave up and pulled out a notepad to jot down a to do list.  I’ve had a bunch of little projects on my mind and I finally got them on paper.  We made a decent dent in the list this weekend.

to do list

I can’t say I contributed overly much to the project list.  I came back from vacation with a nasty cold and though every day I felt a little better, I still took things very easy.  But I helped a bit. Sunday was a much more productive day for me.  Saturday, we went shopping for two new chairs for our patio.  We have two comfy chairs with a footrest and one not as comfortable love seat. I’ve always wanted a chair where you could lean back and close your eyes for a little nap.  At one of our hotels in Greece, they had a papasan chair on the patio, and it got me thinking.  We are now the proud owners of two comfy papasan chairs and I can easily see myself putting my feet up, reading, and taking a little nap.  We wiped down all our patio furniture, vacuumed the “lovely” green carpeting that covers the concrete, and rearranged the furniture.  I think it looks very cozy out there.  (There’s no cushions in the chairs because I’m waiting for my covers to arrive.  I’m a big fan of covers; things get pretty dirty otherwise.) We turned our dining table and chairs 90 degrees and it gives us a little more room.  And the finishing touch is a colorful new doormat from Pier 1.  We still have a few more things to put away.  I’ll have to post a better picture later, cushions and all.


I’ve also had the attention span of a gnat lately, but one project that I’ve been able to concentrate on is needlepoint.  I’m finding it very relaxing and it requires less concentration than knitting.  It’s been at least two years since I’ve done any needlepoint and I’m really enjoying it.

needlepoint project

I wish we could blame our lack of sleep on Bill’s minor biking mishap yesterday.  Unfortunately I think it was just bad luck.  Bill was biking to work on a trail, coming off a bridge, and he hit a slippery spot and ended up on the ground.  He thought he was okay at first and finished the remaining mile and a half.  Once the adrenaline wore off and he tried moving his left elbow, he realized he wasn’t 100%.  I picked him up at the office, dropped him at the ER, went to an appointment (I never have anything going on, but of course this happens on the one day I have something scheduled), picked him up at the ER, took him out for a special lunch, stopped  for dog food, and then brought him home to relax.  He’s doing pretty well, but not enjoying the inconvenience.  Thankfully, it’s temporary.

one armed willie

And that’s all for Casa Napier.  I think it’s enough, don’t you?

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