August Goals

August 2, 2011

I have fallen off the wagon these last few months in regards to my goal setting and goal achieving.  I have thought about them, although I haven’t done much more than that.  Life happens, things get pushed to the side but I’m not giving up.  I found that setting monthly goals helped me stay focused and I could use a little of that right now.  I feel myself trying to go in 20 different directions and I want to finish some things before I start more new projects.  So even though I have failed miserably in my May – July goals, here’s the wrap-up:

1.  Complete Innocent Crush quilt.  -The piecing is done, just need to do the quilting.  Still.

2.  Finish living room pillows.  -Not done yet!

3.  Read 4 (!) books. -In the last 3 months I read The Prodigal Daughter by Jeffrey Archer, A Catch of Consequence by Diana Norman (set around the time of the American Revolution in Boston and then England, I devoured this book), Miss Dimple Disappears by Mignon F. Ballard (super sweet mystery set around WWII in Georgia), Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson (I enjoyed this book more than the second one, but not as much as the first), A Grave Talent by Laurie R. King, and Trixie Belden Books 5 – 8.  That’s a total of 10 books. which isn’t quite 4 books a month, but pretty decent.4.  Edit chapters 1 – 3 of my book.  -Nope

5.  Make 5 tablet pouches.  -Nope

6.  Finish Cheques shawl.  (I need a break from the socks.) – Nope, although I am contemplating frogging this project.  I like the pattern and I like the yarn, but I’m not loving the two together.

7.  Sew the small flying geese for my mystery quilt. -This I did do.

8.  Keep exercising and eating right! -I did okay on this one.

The results weren’t quite as bad as I had originally thought they would be.

Here’s my goals for August:

1.  Finish the damn Innocent Crush quilt.  I’m so nervous about not doing a good job, that this thing is just sitting there.  I need to get over myself and  get to it.

2.  Finish Julia’s quilt.  I told a friend I would finish a quilt for her and I’m excited to work on it, but also nervous because she did such a beautiful job piecing it together.  I need to get some confidence.

3.  Finish piecing and baste by mystery quilt.  I have been working on this project and it is coming together nicely.

4.  Make a baby gift for a friend who’s pregnant!

5.  Finish two small quilts I recently discovered.  There isn’t much to do with them.

6.  Make a tablet pouch.  One of Bill’s coworkers asked for one a gajillion months ago and I have got to make this for him.

7.  Finish a needlepoint I recently started.

8.  Crochet at least 20 more granny squares for a total of 44.

9.  Read 4 books this month.

That seems like a lot.  As always, I’ll do what I can but I’m excited and motivated and am anxious to see what I can accomplish this month!


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