Mystery Revealed

August 7, 2011

Back in March, I went to Minnesota and did a mystery quilting weekend with my girlfriend.  It was the first time I’ve done anything like it, and it was very fun.  A bit challenging for me as I would categorize myself as an “adventurous beginniner” but I muddled through.  I worked on the project off and on, but really picked it up again in June and July.  Last week, I mentioned how I was considering redoing a portion of the quilt because my squares were wonky.  It took me a week to redo the stars and last Monday I was able to lay out all my pieces.  Of course before I was able to do the layout, I had to quickly make myself some design boards, a la Oh, Frannson!’s awesome tutorial.  Bill helped me of course and my design boards made everything so much easier.  Most importantly, they freed up my floor space so I was still able to walk in my craft room, and it’s a much better viewing angle.

quilt on display boards

And here she is.  I spent all afternoon Monday placing pieces.  Bill asked me how long it would take to finish and I guessed a week.  I was right on target!  It came together much more easily than I anticipated it would.  My remaking on the sawtooth stars squares was the absolute right decision.  I was amazed at how many of my corners were matching up as I put the rows together.  Experienced quilters wouldn’t be surprised by that, but I was!  There are, of course, some ugly spots but I figured that once it’s all quilted and washed you won’t be able to see those problem areas.

you can't resist the belly

This is from Thursday or Friday.  I’m actually surprised she doesn’t have random threads on her belly because she did have a lot of those on her this week.  I have to be super careful when I’m working at my machine.  My chair is on wheels and unfortunately, Gracie’s survival instinct does not include how to avoid wheels.  She likes to stretch out next to me, begging for pets, or sit at my feet, or sneak up behind my chair.  She’s a fun distraction though.  Anyway, back to the quilt.

Today, I was able to finish up my quilt top.  I sewed together the last seam, down the middle and I open it up to iron it and WHAM!  Two squares of the same fabric, right next to each other.  Noooooo….  Despite my hours of staring at the design boards, I still make a “mistake.”  At that point, I took a nap.  I woke up and decided to replace one of the offending squares.  I contemplated living with it, but thankfully, the mistake was in the easiest possible place for me to fix it and so I did.  Had it been more complicated, I would have let it go.  I think.  Anyway, twenty minutes later and she was really done.

my mystery quilt top completed

The pattern is Sew Many Stars by Glad Creations.  It’s currently not listed in the online store, but I’m sure you could contact them and I’m sure they would be able to help.  This is by far the most complicated thing I have ever done.  I can’t believe I made it.  I love how it looks in the mod, bright prints.  I used a lot of Amy Butler, some Anna Maria Horner…  I saved the print names from the selvedges so that I could put them on the back of my quilt.  I blogged about my fabric choices here.  The finished quilt should be queen bed sized, but I haven’t measured it.  I’m going to put this aside for a little bit and finish some of the other quilts I have going on.  But I’m anxious to get this one done, so I don’t think it will sit for long.

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  1. August 8th, 2011 | 9:20 am

    Margaret – It is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. You do such magnificent work!

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