Another Year Older

January 21, 2012

But that’s okay.  I certainly don’t feel my age, and I don’t really act my age.  And now I have an adorable little baby boy to help keep me young.  We had a relatively quiet day.  Last night Bill made delicious strawberry cupcakes.  Very yum!  I had one as a pre-breakfast.  Then Bill made me delicious birthday ebelskivers for actual breakfast.  He and Joshua got me some super great gifts which we opened this morning.  All the parents called even though I didn’t talk to all of them.  Bill was out at a yoga workshop in the afternoon so it was just me and the little guy.  I did some unpacking while he napped and then he kept me busy for the rest of the time.  I have a few calls to return tomorrow, but I appreciate everyone trying to talk to me on my birthday!

birthday cupcakes

We did make it out for a special birthday dinner.  We had a groupon for Mexican food, including Margaritas, and I have missed having Margaritas.  I’m not a big drinker but I do enjoy me a Margarita every one in awhile. Joshua was very well behaved and dinner went smoothly.  Then we came home and it was dinner time for Joshua, then bath time and bed time.  And it is certainly bed time for this mama!

birthday Margaritas

On a slightly different topic, I have been doing a little bit of crafting.  Not much, but I knit a hat for the baby and I’m working on a shawl.  I’ve been meaning to take photos and blog about the projects.  Don’t worry, this won’t be a full-time baby blog, but right now he’s just so darn cute I can’t help myself.

I have also been thinking about my goals for the new year so I put up some yarn to destash on ravelry.  I should still destash more, and I might.  At least this is a start.  I queued up some projects too.  I’ve got really good stuff to work on, unfortunately I’m lacking the time at the moment.  I also counted the number of books on my “to be read” bookcase.  It came in at 75 which was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Those are actual books and doesn’t include what I have on my kindle.  My main concern is the amount of physical stuff I have which is why I can easily ignore the electronic bits.  In the process of unpacking I’ve been looking at lots of my fabric and am kind of excited to work on some projects!  I also really want to tackle my photo albums.  I have the photo albums from when I was a child which I am redoing since the original ones are falling apart, and I have a bunch of photos that need to be put in albums.  It is a time consuming project but I should try and spend one hour a week on it.  At least then I would make some progress on it.

That’s what’s going on here!  Birthday girl, out!


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Happy New Year!

January 7, 2012

2012 promises to be a very different year for me.  The addition of the sweetest little baby boy to our family will present wonderful new challenges and opportunities.  I’m so excited to be staying home with him.  I’m also looking forward to getting back to yoga and finding time to pick up a shift or two at my local yarn store.  And somewhere I hope there’s time for crafting.  Bill is super supportive of all my activities that I know he’ll help me find the time.  We’ve also got a lot to do around the house, but want to balance that with spending time and doing things with our son.  When I think of a key phrase for the new year, one that comes to mind is “finding balance” but the one I’m going to go with is “be in the moment.”

chubby cheeks

That phrase is constantly running through my head as I spend time with my family.  We turn off the tv, put away our cell phones, set our books aside and just spend time together.  I’m taking in as much as I can.  As we feed him, cuddle, rock him to sleep, I just stare at him and take in all these precious moments.  It’s going to fly by, I know it is.  So “be in the moment” is my mantra for the year.

I didn’t do so well on my overall goals for 2011.  I read a lot (39 books) but didn’t cut down on my stash of books to be read.  I worked on a lot of projects and finished a lot, but didn’t reduce my yarn stash (in fact I have probably increased it).  I did live a healthier lifestyle in 2011, and weight less than I did a year ago!  I’m going to work at those same overall goals I had for 2011 and see if I can actually make some serious progress on them.  Moving was a very large motivator.  It’s a little ridiculous to have more craft room boxes than kitchen boxes.  So for 2012:

1.  Read 25 books.  I’ve adjusted my target because I know I won’t have as much time to read.  The real challenge will be to not buy any new books.

2.  Get rid of stuff.  Seriously.  My stashes are out of control.  Reel it in, girlfriend and make some progress on this!

3.  Continue to live a healthier lifestyle.  Get back to yoga, try jogging again, eat less takeout and eat all the fruits and veggies we get from the CSA and farmer’s market.

The thing that worked well for me was monthly goals (although I fell off at the end of the year).  So for January I want to:

1.  Finish unpacking craft room.

2.  Read two books.

3.  Make quilt sandwich with my mystery quilt.

4.  Update yarn stash on ravelry and identify yarn to be destashed.

5.  Work on granny stripe blanket.  Add 10 stripes.



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