It’s Only 10:30

March 6, 2012

… and I am BEAT.  I so desperately want to join in here…

I so want to join them

Okay, I don’t desperately want to join in.  But it looks super tempting and I know I could sleep.   I’m definitely planning on a nap later or Bill will have to peel me off the floor when he gets home at 6.  I can feel it.  I got up at 5am for yoga.  Actually, the alarm went off at 5:07 and I thought I hit snooze so I closed my eyes and then reopened them at 5:16 thinking my alarm was about to go off but it didn’t because I had, in fact, turned the alarm OFF.  Thank goodness I woke up.  I really like the instructor which is my only motivation for getting up at that ungodly hour.  I hurried home from yoga because I knew Bill had to be at work at 9am for a meeting.  I made it home by 8, quick shower and a quick second breakfast (first breakfast was a small bowl of cereal before yoga so I wouldn’t die) and then the baby boy was up.  So he entertained me while I extracted some breast milk, and then I fed and changed him, and then he entertained me while I tried to extract some more milk and then it was time for him to take a nap.  And I am totally on my third breakfast already.  Second breakfast was an iced latte a la BillBucks and an eggo waffle with nutella.  Normally it’d be peanut butter but we ran out (gasp!).  I think the peanut butter would have stuck with me a little longer.  So I just popped some almonds and kiwi and OJ and three handfuls of animal crackers.  I think I am sated.  I make no guarantees.  I just ordered some Zone Peanut Bars because I find those filling and tasty and would be perfect for a time like this.

In between all my eating, I’ve been thinking about the yard and what I want to do with it.  The front yard needs some more plants.  And fewer weeds.

Front yard diff viewFront yard

I’m thinking about a burning bush, kinda in the corner but not too far back.  I think those are pretty.  And I was thinking about some ornamental grasses along the fence.  But then I have these plants in the back that I was wondering if I could pull out and put along the fence.  They are very pretty but take up valuable real estate in the back.  Hmmm…  It doesn’t seem worth it to put regular grass here so I need something that it pretty and won’t need a lot of water.  And isn’t rocks.  Enough with the rocks already.  (The whole front yard which is unphotographed is all rocks.  Ugly.  Gray.  Rocks.)

Then there is the side yard which needs some lovin’.  It is just a hot mess right now.

Back side yard

I’d like it to be usable space.  It’s shady and could be a nice sitting area.  I’d also like to have something pretty to look at from the kitchen.  I am thinking of a couple of hanging plants on hooks and then maybe some planters like these.  And/or some ornamental grasses along the fence.  I’m big on the ornamental grasses aren’t I?  Some of the stuff belongs on the garage, some in our garden area (once we figure out where that is), and some of it would be in the sitting area.  And we have to get rid of those rocks.  I am actually using them in the front to fill in around the plants.  Until I know where the rest of the plants are going, I’m on hold.  And I’m going to have rocks left over.  So many rocks…  These are just a tiny bit nicer than the gray ones in the front.

So that’s what I’m thinking about.  I’m going to start puttering in my craft room.  I still have a ton of stuff to put away or get rid of.  I’ll work on that until the baby boy wake up for lunch.  And then I am definitely having an afternoon nap.  Definitely.

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