Projects From Hell

August 6, 2012

Ugh.  That’s all I can say.  Ugh.

project from hell

We bought a new entertainment unit.  Something a little more interesting than the ikea unit we had.  I saw this one (in the rust color) in a catalog and the concern was that it was all open.  I asked Bill if he thought we could do something to make it work for us and he thought we could.  My original thought was peg board.  I ordered it, it arrived, it sat in its box in my craft room for a couple of weeks.  We finally opened it and really liked it.  Bill confirmed we could make it work.  We bought the peg board, cut the peg board, painted the peg board, attached it with zip ties and put all the electronics inside it.  It was a horrible weekend trying to get that done.  So many cords.  SO.  MANY.  CORDS.  It was one of those projects where there was never going to be a good solution.  I was miserable last Sunday.  And I hated the looks of it.  The arrangement of the electronics looked terrible and it looked like peg board on the back of the unit.  A lot of work and I wasn’t happy.

So on my walk on Monday (a week ago) I was pondering the project.  And I came up with a solution.  I called Bill at work (just what he needs) and told him I knew how to fix it.  Take everything off, take everything apart, use thin plywood, recut it, drill a butt-load of holes, repaint it, redo all the electronics and voila!  To which he replied “ok.”  I think it was awesome job of “selling” the project.  I also told him I did not want to work on this all weekend like the previous weekend so we broke it up over a couple of days.  We still are not finished yet but I am so much happier.  It looks a lot better.  I think we’ve also tackled some of the cord control.  (Have I mentioned that there are just so many cords?)  I’ll post a photo when it’s finally complete.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Bill did look at me with sad baby blue eyes and said “please don’t make me do this again.”  He’s been such a good sport and shown more patience than I thought he had.

My other project from hell was a valance for my large kitchen window.  I had an idea of a London Valance but when I hung it up, I was very unhappy.  It covered the window but wasn’t wide enough.  I had made my pleats too big.  Ugh.  Saturday I started over.  Lots of seam ripping.  Fix the pleats, lots of ironing, a little sewing, and once they were hung they were better but not great.  They just weren’t attractive.  I left them hanging and went to bed.  I pondered them the next morning and came up with a new plan.  I explained it to Bill.  He wasn’t that interested.  More seam ripping, more ironing, lots more sewing and when I hung them up I was happy.  It’s a miracle!  I really wasn’t not expecting the valance to be a three day project.  I haven’t taken any pictures because the kitchen was a bit of a disaster.  I also want to get my pictures hung so that the kitchen can be “done” and then I’ll post some photos.


To get away from the miserable projects, we took Joshua to the park.  Nothing like a little one laughing to improve the mood!

My mom arrives tomorrow.  We’ve been trying to get the house into a presentable state for her.  I’m so excited for her visit.  Bill told me a couple of weeks ago that he was looking forward to my mom’s visit.  When I asked him why (I know he likes my mom but it was a statement out of the blue) and he said “maybe I’ll get to take a nap.”  Poor guy.  He’s gotten in a couple of naps, but we both have a list of things we’re hoping to accomplish while my mom is here.  And hopefully we’ll get in a few naps (if we’re lucky).

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