I Just Got Soooo Lucky

October 19, 2012

Now that my craft room is clean, I’ve been able to check off a couple of projects from my to do list.  One was another panel of my kitchen curtains.  I screwed up with the grommets, doing the first 3 panels  with an odd number and that was no good.  FYI, use an even number.  You don’t want the end of one panel finish pointing out, you want them pointing in.  Confused?  I was able to make it work by taking the middle panel and cutting off a grommet and refinishing it.  Then I was able to overlap the end of the other two panels  and make it look finished.  Still confused?  Trust me, it worked.  But the problem was that the panels weren’t wide enough to cover the end brackets.  And I didn’t have enough fabric left to make a 4th panel.  I finally got around to ordering another yard and this afternoon I made the panel.  I wasn’t rushing.  It turned out well.  One end was about a quarter to half inch longer than the panel it was meeting but I switched panels around and they worked.  And it was at that point that I gasped and prayed that the fabric was right side up because I never checked before I put the grommets in.

kitchen curtains

The universe was smiling down on me because the fabric was right side up.  I cannot express how relieved I am.  Because once again, I don’t have enough fabric to make another panel.

While I’m at it, here’s my other set of valances.  I never posted a picture, just complained about what a pain they were.  I do think they look nice.

my other kitchen curtains

The kitchen is very nearly done.  I have just two or three more small projects to work on and then I will deem it complete!


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Mission Accomplished

October 17, 2012

…finally.  I’m sorry for not getting back to you on Friday as I originally intended.  My little guy was sick (ear aches and a sore throat, runny nose) and then caught a stomach virus.  Vomiting and diarrhea on top of everything else!  Yay!  All this while my husband had to go out of town for work.  Joshua was such a little trooper though.  He’s doing much better (after a few trips to the doctor and a trip to the ER because I was worried about dehydration when he couldn’t keep anything down).

I was supposed to work Saturday but the store was closed for an event in downtown Campbell.  That day off could not have come at a better time.  It’s hard to really need a day off when you only work 4 days a month but this was well timed.  I had time to get my hair cut and time to take my little guy to the pumpkin patch and time to work on my craft room.  Do you see a difference?

another view of the clean room

a cleaned up craft room

clean craft room

Tables are pretty much cleared off except for stuff I’m working on.  I can actually see my machines which makes it much easier when I want to sew.  Which I did.  It feels good.  It’s not prefect, but it’s a start.  Perfection is part of my problem.  For a while I was trying to find the “perfect” spot for everything and I finally realized, just put it away.  If it ends up not being the “right” space I can fix it later.  Anyway, I’m super happy.  I actually ended up going through some of my books and found some to donate.  There’s actually [gasp] space for growth.  Not much but a little.

With room to work, I tackled one of the projects on my to do list.  We took a bench that used to be in the kitchen, and put it in the nursery.  See the bench?


I bought some new bins from toys (Target, on sale!) and made a new cushion and cover.  I was so pleased with my work on the cushion until I looked close.  Go on, take a close look…towards the middle.

Joshua's bench

See it?  When I was trying to match up the pattern I made a boo boo.  I literally lost a few minutes sleep trying to decide whether or not to fix it.  Just about 5 minutes.  Then I channeled my mother and she told me (in my head) “Margaret, when you have absolutely nothing else to do and are looking for a project, then you an fix it.  Until then, no one’s going to notice unless you tell them.”  So I’m thinking it adds character.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Is It Too Much To Ask

October 9, 2012

…to have a place for EVERYTHING and everything IN its place?  Ugh.  I have so many piles around my craft room and I just can’t seem to get everything put away.  The main part of the problem is too much stuff.  The lesser part of the problem is too many projects in the queue.

so many piles

and more piles

I think there is a balance between getting everything put away and spending time working on projects.  I haven’t figured out that balance yet.  My goal for the next couple of days is to get some of the piles cleared away and some projects accomplished.  I’ll check back with you on Friday.

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Apple Picking

October 5, 2012

It’s funny how when we lived around the corner from an orchard we never had any desire to pick apples.  I made some applesauce with 4 apples I had from the farmers market and it was so good.  The apples were super sweet and I really just made apple puree.  I didn’t add sugar or spices since I intended it  for the baby.  I used some of it to make this applesauce bread.  The bread was good but wold have been better with applesauce.

That’s when I decided it would be fun to go apple picking.  Bill found a farm about 70 minutes away.  It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a Sunday.  Joshua wasn’t sure what to make of the whole thing, but I think he had fun.  He’s too young to truly appreciate the experience but we’ll remember it.




IMG_1451 2


I’ve got plans for some applesauce, sour cream apple pie and more apple puree!  I’m seriously considering buying an apple corer/peeler thingy first though.

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