A Blur

November 29, 2012

That is life at the moment.  The days seem so busy and when I think back about what I did, I have no idea.  I think the only thing I accomplish is living.  That’s not true exactly.  The baby gets fed and changed and played with.  During his nap I sit and check my email, read some blogs, take care of “business.”  Today I took care of a Pottery Barn return.  That kind of “business.”  My dad has been visiting and he’s been helping keep an eye on the little guy which has enabled me to get more stuff done but heck if I know what that stuff is.

joshua and his grandpa enjoy the pacific

I participated in a craft swap.  I just got my gift wrapped up for the mail tomorrow.  I hope she likes it.  It had to be a handmade item.  It took awhile for me to get inspired and then the implementation was tough but the final product turned out well.  I think.

I have been working on Joshua’s first birthday party.  Monster themed.  I got the invitations out a little later than I had planned on but people are coming!  I can’t believe my little guy is turning one.  He’s cruising around with his little walker.  Or his high chair.  Or a kitchen chair.  Or our rolly stool.  If he can push it, he’ll walk with it.  He’s such a smiley little one.  Makes me one happy mama, that is for certain.

walking with the stool

I thought I had cleaned up my craft room but as I look around it, it’s sort of disastrous again.

We adopted a little dog at the beginning of the month and he is a little nut.  I’ve missed having a dog.  Casey, the puppers, is a corgi mix and very patient with the baby.  But sometimes a little jealous too.  We’ve all got doggie school tomorrow.  I’ve been looking forward to it.  I’ve forgotten what it is like to have a young dog.  A better name for him would have been Shadow.  If I’m home, it’s pretty much at my hip.

casey is always close by


Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We made all our favorites.  After not cooking last year (because we had just moved in and were having the kitchen renovated) we remembered how to do it.  It was delicious!

That’s life over here.  Enjoy your last day of November!


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An Exciting Trip Out East

November 3, 2012

We just got back from a beautiful, and somewhat exciting, trip east.  It had been planned for several months, centered around Homecoming at Penn.  We arrived to news reports about a tropical storm/hurricane heading for Philadelphia due to arrive sometime Monday or Tuesday.  No problem.  We were flying back home early Monday and would miss it.  Guess again.  Our flight was canceled on Sunday afternoon and we were rebooked for a flight two days later.  In the end, it was a win for us.  We had no problems with the hurricane, never lost power, had no damage to the in-laws house, and had a few extra days to relax and visit with family.  Others were not so lucky and it is so sad to see such damage to the Jersey Shore and parts of New York and Connecticut.  Driving around Bill’s parents neighborhood, we saw many established, old trees uprooted and some even snapped in half in the middle of solid trunks.  Please send prayers and/or positive thoughts to those whose lives have been impacted so harshly by mother nature.

a real cheesesteak!!

what am I supposed to do with this?

thanks mama

fun with papa



enjoying the band

the flag from behind college hall

asleep during halftime

On a more positive and less somber note, we had a wonderful visit.  We stayed at Bill’s parents and took a side trip to MD and VA to visit friends.  We had quality time with family and old friends in Philly, and relived our college days with the Penn Band at the football game.  Joshua got to play in leaves and be spoiled by his grandparents.  I’m sure the highlight of his trip was meeting the Penn Band.  He was totally unfazed by all the loud noise, I mean music.  He feel asleep for halftime and the entire second half of the game.  He was sleeping right in front of the drum section and didn’t stir when the band played.  When he wants to, he can sleep through anything.  Our extra days gave us some time to relax which was a treat since our visit had been pretty hectic.  Bill’s brother and girlfriend came back down from NYC where they were without power and water, and we had a fabulous family dinner at one of the few restaurants that were open, though it was running on generators.  Bill’s cousins joined us and it was one of those perfect evenings that wouldn’t have been as much fun had it been planned.  The flight home was one of the first to leave Philly for San Francisco.  We arrived home tired and content.

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