Hot Dog!

July 9, 2013

I just had a leftover hotdog for lunch.  It was soooo good.  We discovered these hotdogs at Whole Foods.  We originally got them for Joshua since it’s the only meat he’ll eat (aside from sausage on pizza).  I tried them and they are Margaret approved.  I’m actually not a fan of hotdogs at home.  They never live up to ballpark hotdogs.  Except for these.  The one I had was left over from our 4th of July cookout.

headed to parade


Speaking of which, our 4th of July weekend was great.  We took Joshua to his first parade.  He was so precious.  The parade started with firetrucks and their sirens.  Joshua was unsure about this.  He liked the trucks but not the noise.  He enjoyed all of the rest of it though.  He loved waving at the people, and he’d occasionally look at his hand to make sure it was doing the right thing.  Too stinkin’ cute.  He was pretty tired after all the excitement.  He took a long nap and then we took a quick trip to the pool.  Bill and I watched a movie while Joshua slept.  No fireworks for us.  He’s still too young.

The next day we took a trip out to Pigeon Point lighthouse.  Crazy drive through the mountains but a gorgeous view of the coast once we were on the other side.  The lighthouse was pretty, and Joshua walked with us.  He’d point at a path and that’s where went.  It is such a fun age.  We took the “long way” home via Santa Cruz.  A less hair drive over the mountains.  We were on CA-1 and we rounded a curve and voila, tons of kite surfers.  It was really cool.


pigeon point lighthouse

all smiles

Saturday we relaxed and did some stuff around the house, then went to Vasona Park to explore.  Joshua finally went down a slide.  When my mom was here, he went down a hot slide and didn’t like it.  Weeks later, he still remembered it.  He pointed at it and said “hot” but we showed him it wasn’t and down he went.  We had to do it over again for his second trip down the slide but he did it.

Sunday was a typical Sunday.  Getting ready for a new week.  It’ll be a good one.

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