Ten on Tuesday. The Thursday Edition.

July 2, 2015

Today’s “ten” from caroleknits is 10 things I love about my home. And while I’m a little late to the party, this is a topic I had to post about. So here goes.

My house

1. My neighbors. We have lucked into a great little community here. Not everyone is the best neighbor in the world, and we don’t know all our neighbors, but we have made friends with several families that have made living here a great experience.

2. The size of our house. For a family of 3, plus a dog and cat, it’s probably a little bigger than we need (by California standards). But all our family is out of state so we spent the extra money for more space and a dedicated guest room and it has been worth it. Especially because it means I have a…

3. Craft room. I love that I have a dedicated space for my crafting and supplies. I share it with Joshua and some of his toys, but I have my own work space.

4. The backyard. For San Jose, we have a good size yard. We put grass in (which is not doing so well right now) but we can play baseball and soccer and chase and play the way 3 year olds should play. And we have a nice amount of space for the grill and relaxing.

5. My side yard. Which I’ve talked about here.

6. The bones of our house. We rented before we bought and while a cute house, I was not a fan of the layout. Before buying, we looked at a lot of houses with crazier layouts. Not this house. Bedrooms all together on one side of the house, living spaces on the other. Lots of windows and good light.

7. Laundry room. It is pretty common for the washer and dryer to be in the garage, but we are fortunate to have a small laundry room. Emphasis on small, but at least it is inside the house. A big plus, in my opinion.

8. Our kitchen. It was the first thing we updated before moving in. It was original to the house and while the layout was good, we made it better, fully utilizing the space by adding cabinets and a breakfast peninsula and all new everything. I love it.

9. The guest room. I have wanted to paint a room navy blue for years. And I finally did! People told me it would be too dark, but it’s really not. The furniture is a light wood, the headboard, closet doors and shades are white, and we have bright colors on the bed and in the art work. It’s just what I had hoped it would be.

10. The master suite. Our latest project. Suite makes is sound grander than it is, since most people’s closets are bigger than our bathroom. But it has really come together and is becoming a really beautiful, restful space. And we can’t wait for this project to be DONE.

There you have it. I hope you have ten things you can love about your home.

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  1. Alice
    July 12th, 2015 | 4:23 am

    I read your post aloud to Jacob and when I was done he said, “Nice, really nice.” I, too, love your house and when someone walks into your home they, I’m sure, feel the love that is there.

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