What’s In My Carryon Tote?

October 20, 2015

I’m loving today’s Ten on Tuesday from Caroleknits.net. The topic is spot on for me since we just got home from vacation and half my luggage is still sitting in my craft room. Including my carryon bag. So I’ll just go grab it and tell you the ten things I always have with me.



Top ten things I have in my travel tote:

1. Electronics: My kindle. Cannot travel without books and I love that I can have fifty to choose from in such a small device ; My tablet. We use our Genie to download tv shows to watch on the plane; My ipod. Just in case all my other devices run out of battery, I can still listen to music; My phone. I don’t usually use it so that I have battery left when I arrive, but in a pinch I could play games or music. And I like to have the cell phone camera handy. We’ve flown over Half Dome at Yosemite, and Crater Lake in Oregon and I’ve snapped pics. I don’t usually travel with a laptop anymore since I can do almost everything on my tablet, but I did bring it on this trip so we could download our photos and I could start to go through them on the plane. Which I didn’t do. Thankfully my laptop is tiny.

2. Lotion, tissues & wipes. My hands always get so dry on the plane, my nose always runs on a plane, and I like to have wipes just in case I need to wipe down the tray, or for my hands or face. Or for Joshua’s hands or face.

3. A shawl. Usually tucked in at the bottom, because I almost always get cold during a flight.

4. Reuseable water bottle. I don’t go anywhere without one. I fill it up once through security.

5. My travel wallet/purse. Not sure this needs much explanation. Unless it’s a quick weekend trip, I usually downsize my wallet and carry a smaller purse.

6. The knitting. I never go on a trip without knitting.  Sometimes, there’s even a backup knitting project in my carryon. Knock on wood, I’ve never had a problem traveling with wood knitting needles, but I’m always mentally prepared for some security person to give me a hard time so I usually use my cheapest pair.

7. Snacks. A little chocolate, a little salty. And gummy bears! (my favorite travel snack). And a beverage. I’ve cut back on soda so I try and grab a lemonade or iced tea or juice. I have pockets up front for those, and I slide them in where I can.

8. Headphones. I even carry 2 pairs. I usually use ear buds but for long flights those can sometimes bother my ears so I have big, cushy over the ear blue tooth headphones. They aren’t compact but they are comfortable!

9. Cords and chargers. I bought this organizer from the Container Store and it hardly takes up any room in my bag. I like to have at least one charger with me in case we get delayed in the airport. It’s amazing how many different cords/adapters I need. This also makes it easy when I’m packing because I can quickly see what I have.

Cords and such

10. Pen and notepad. Just in case I need to jot down notes. I could do an electronic note, but I’m a pen and paper kinda gal. Plus, in a pinch it’s another way to amuse Joshua. I have one of those pens with 4 colors, and he gets a kick out of that. I also have a pouch that I can carry the notepads in, as well as extra papers I accumulate (mainly receipts, rental car agreement, etc.).

10 1/2. My makeup. This doesn’t count as a full item because I usually only have it in my seat-in-front-of-me-carryon on the way to my destination. On my way home, I usually am to tired to care about looking my best so I put it in the other carryon of my checked bag.

my carry on

It’s kinda crazy, but I did a lot of research on pinterest to try and figure out what kind of carryon organization would work best for me.  We’re usually on a plane at least three times a year and at least 2 of  those trips are 4+ hours so that’s how I justify all the research I did. As a result, I splurged on a new carryon tote. I used to always use a backpack, but I was always taking everything out to get the thing that I needed which always ended up on the bottom of my bag. With this bag, things are more horizontal and easier to get to.  I lay it down under the seat in front of me for takeoff and landing, but once underway, I pull it out and tuck it up under my legs against the seat and then I have room to stretch out my legs and the bag is standing up with easy access to everything. I’ve used it for 2 trips and really do prefer it to the backpack. It has a panel so I can slide it on the handle of my wheeled luggage. (And you can get this back on sale at the Container Store during their annual travel sale.)  I carry very little stuff for Joshua since he has his own backpack (or Bill takes it, since he doesn’t have to pack makeup, knitting, a purse, etc.). Plus, we always have a wheeled carryon which has Joshua’s “friends” and toys, the camera, extra snacks for Joshua, change of clothes (for Joshua, sometimes us). We’ve streamlined what we carryon but it’s a lot. Anyway, clearly I like this topic. Hope you do too!

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3 Responses to “What’s In My Carryon Tote?”

  1. October 20th, 2015 | 12:47 pm

    Queen of organization are you!
    Our lists are similar but no kiddie stuff, kidlets flew the nest.

  2. October 20th, 2015 | 12:52 pm

    I have not yet set foot in a Container Store, but your post is making me really, really want to go. I love the bag you have all your cords in – that would come in so handy!

  3. October 20th, 2015 | 2:08 pm

    That’s a great bag! Thank you for including the link.

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