My Love Of Magazines

August 14, 2008

I love magazines. I get so many ideas from them. New hairstyles. New products to try. Craft ideas. Decorating ideas. Recipes. And I rip all these ideas out of the magazines and end up with a huge folder of papers that grows and grows and grows… Finally, when I go through a purging phase, I’m tempted to just chuck the whole folder since I have lost track of what’s in the folder. Alas, I can’t bring myself to do it. I have found a solution that helps me keep things in better order. And today’s favorite thing is the Circa system by Levenger.

You buy these little round disks (which come in different sizes) and the hole punch and you can make a “book” of anything you want. This book has a plastic cover that I bought from Levenger and I created an inspiration/idea book. I cut out the articles and the pictures and I punch holes in it and then I put it right in the book. It’s easy to do and I am doing a better job of staying on top of thing. I could improve my book by creating sections (Craft ideas, Decorating ideas, etc). I used to try and organize binders using plastic page protectors, but then the binders got huge and took up a lot of room and it was time consuming to insert the pages into the binders, and then if I just had a small thing I wanted to put in I still had to use a full size page… With the circa system, I can take any size item and add it to the book.

circainsideWe have also used the circa system to create a book of take out menus. You can also use it for work and create a regular notebook. I use one for BabyDuckles with a nice cover. I have regular lined paper for making notes, writing out product descriptions, etc. I have blank paper for sketching. And there’s room for me to add pictures I clip from magazines for inspiration. Plus, if I am doodling at work or on a scrap piece of paper, I can just punch holes in that sheet and add it to my book.

I will say that this is not cheap, but if you can find multiple uses for it, it pays for itself in terms of organization and sanity.

Separate from circa, I have tried to cut down on paper by making pdf files of articles, craft projects, etc that I see in magazines and can find on the web. I created a project folder on my computer and save the files there. I should make a list of those files and keep it in my Circa book and I think that would help me keep track of what I have and where to find it. Hmmm… a new project.

Look Ma, No Hands!

August 7, 2008

Here’s another favorite thing – click highlighters. I always keep one with my cross stitching supplies. When I am working off a chart, I like to highlight what I have already completed and it is so much easier with the click highlighter as I can do it with one hand. I’m all for thing that make life easier!


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Can I Borrow A Pencil?

August 3, 2008

Today’s favorite thing is a pencil case my mom made me for third grade. (About 25 years ago – yikes!) It was a surprise. I loved it then, I love it now. I still use it, keeping it in my project bag. It is kept filled with knitting and needlepoint supplies. It’s also been a make-up bag, and even a pencil case!

I’m not sure if my favorite thing about the pencil case is the red velvet fabric, the cute little pocket on the back, or the fun plaid inside.

This is one of the best things my mom made me.


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These Colors Don’t Run

August 2, 2008

Or if they do, they won’t stain your fabric with these little babies. In yesterday’s post I mentioned these things I use in the wash to prevent dyes in fabric from running and staining the rest of the wash. Those little things are today’s favorite thing. They are Shout Color Catchers. I use them mostly when I prewash my fabric, but I also use them with anything I am concerned might run.

The little white square front and center is the sheet you put in the wash. The pink and blue swatches are what you pull out of the washer when your load is done. When they change colors you can see that they have absorbed some dye. The blue swatch is from prewashing this fabric.

Some people use vinegar to prevent color from running. My thought with that is I would have to run the fabric through a wash and a rinse cycle. When I prewash my fabrics, I only run them though a rinse cycle, I don’t use soap. I feel that using the color catchers, while it is more expensive than vinegar, saves water.

It’s your personal preference, but I find these little guys handy and I can see that they are working!


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August Is All About My Favorite Things

August 1, 2008

Does anyone else hear Julie Andrews singing on top of a mountain? “There are a few of my favorite things…” The idea started percolating a a couple of weeks ago when a friend was telling me how frustrated she was when she had a t-shirt bled in her wash and I said “oh, I use these great things…” I think we all have things we use or buy that we love that other people don’t know about, or hadn’t thought about. So if you feel like joining in the fun, grab the button and start blogging.

There aren’t any parameters. If it’s a favorite thing of yours, then it can be included. I’m going to try and focus on the things I use for crafting and blogging. But I can’t say that I won’t include a picture of my favorite shoes.

These project bags are my first favorite thing. They are recycled pillow case and sheet bags. Like when you go to Target and buy a set of sheets, they come in this little bag. I like the pillow case size ones for when I’m knitting socks. And if you have more than one project going, they are clear so it’s easy to grab the right project. The sheet size bags are good for slightly larger projects. And perfect for traveling. We use them for cables and chargers when we travel. Or sometimes for toiletries. Or I can see creating an art kit for kids.

projectbags sockprojectbag

What would you use them for?

P.S. Special thanks to my Art Director, Bill, for creating the button.


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