This Shuffle’s Made For Walking…

November 2, 2006

I had the most pleasant surprise on my door step today! My new iPod shuffle arrived. Actually, it’s arrival wasn’t that much of a surprise since I have been tracking it obsessively.

I am so excited to take it for a walk. I love my video iPod, but it’s a little bulky when I go to take the dog around the block. I’m very excited for the shuffle since it will clip to my jacket and I’ll hardly even notice it’s there.

The new shuffle did require a few things:

1. The newest version of iTunes. Not a big deal, but a surprise.

2. How to sync it with iTunes. I could have had iTunes randomly select music but I have control issues. For me, the preferred set up was to make a playlist which I titled Shuffle. This playlist will sync with my shuffle automatically when I plug it in.

3. Audiobooks. I have started to enjoy listening to audiobooks on my stroll, but when I added them to the playlist, they didn’t get copied onto my shuffle. Hmmm… When I did take the audiobooks and added them to the shuffle device directly (instead of the playlist) they copied.

My shuffle, named This Shuffle’s Made For Walking (or TSMFW for short) is fully charged and ready to take a spin.


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Multiple Contacts Lists

November 1, 2005

If you’re like me, you are probably maintaining multiple contacts lists. I had my contacts at work which I would synch with my palm. Contacts in my cell phone. My old fashioned address book. Contacts everywhere. I had also noticed that I could sync my contacts with my iPod but the last thing I wanted to do was have another contacts list.

I had been thinking about getting rid of my palm pilot since I was only carrying it for the address book and in case on the off chance I wanted to know what meetings I had the next day. My palm had the more complete address info so when I would travel (and was planning on sending a postcard), it was one more thing to carry. Why not maintain contacts on a piece of equipment that is always with me – either my iPod of my cell phone.

As it turns out, I could set up my cell phone, a Motorola V600, to sync with my contacts on my laptop. And I could set up my iPod to do the same. I can still add or change contacts on my cell but I would maintain a master list of contacts on my Mac and sync to multiple devices. Setting this up with my Mac was a piece of cake.

I ran through the Bluetooth Setup Assistant to pair my cell phone with the laptop. It took about 15 minutes. Most of it spent figuring out how to make my cell phone discoverable and then trying to make sure my Bluetooth was on. Once the two devices were paired, the iSync synchronization menu popped up. I didn’t have to change any of the options because the Mac is so smart so I hit sync and watched all my contacts move from my cell phone into my address book on the Mac. Next came the issue of moving my contacts from my palm to the Mac. The easiest way for me to do this was to Bluetooth the contacts from the palm and import them to the address book. One that was done I re-synced. Result – all contacts up-to-date on the cell. The last part of this is moving the contacts from my paper address book. I am slowly typing my contacts into the Mac, but I’m not in a hurry.

The final piece to this was to sync the contacts to my iPod. Again, could not have been easier. With the iPod connected, go to iTunes and select Preferences. Next select iPod and then Contacts. Check the box to synchronize all contacts and hit okay. Finally, update your iPod and watch all your contacts sync.

The only problem I had in this process involved the photos of my contacts. In the address book, you can put in a photo and with my photo iPod, I expected the photos to appear when I selected a contact. After much research, it appears that there are many of us with this expectation and we are waiting for a software update to enable this feature.

All in all, a very easy experience with the Mac. I feel it is important to note that I did this by myself which means that a regular person can do it. Bill could probably have done it with his eyes closed but he is a computer professional. I was so excited about my success, I set up Bill’s cell phone and his Mac in under ten minutes and that included all the time for his fifty contacts to copy.

It was worth the time to do this. I will sleep easier now that we are both more organized.

New iPod

July 25, 2005

Apple was so thoughtful and sent me an email to let me know about the new 20 and 60 gig color iPods.

I’ll be perfectly honest: I don’t need a new iPod. I’m just at 20 gigs of music and even when I add to my collection, I’ve got a pretty good system for swapping out music. But when I got this email, I just couldn’t help myself. Pretty colors on the screen. Tons of space. I could store photos! 15 hours of battery life. Podcast ready (just in time for Lance’s tour podcasts!!). And me with a bonus burning a whole in my pocket. It was all too much to resist.

As I have said before, my husband has the patience of a saint, so that night we went to the Apple store to check out my future iPod. I drooled over the pretty screen. I debated. I rationalized. I walked away. I walked back. And then I gave into temptation and bought myself a beautiful new iPod.

The beauty of Apple is that it’s so just easy to use. Charge the iPod. Plug it into the computer. Answer the questions and watch the music copy. Listen to music. The “hard” part was figuring out how to copy my photos on to my iPod. With 60 gigs of space, I could keep copies of all my photos on my iPod but that seems a bit excessive. I only want to keep my favorite pictures or new pictures to show my friends. What I did was set up a folder in iPhoto and that folder syncs with my iPod. Anytime I put new photos in that folder, the next time I sync my music, that folder of photos syncs as well. I did have to set this up in my preferences in iTunes. I will say that it does help make things easier that I use an apple computer.

The next day I started to feel some buyers remorse. Why did I buy such a huge iPod? What was I going to do with 60 gigs of space? One of the things I loved about the iPod was the size. Compared to my first mp3 player, it was tiny. The 60 gig iPod is larger to accommodate the bigger hard drive and I was not looking forward to lugging this new, huge piece of technology around. (The 60 is .12 inches wider and weight .5 ounces more.) Bill, ever the voice of reason, said “try it out, you can always return it.” To my delight, I could not tell that it was heavier. I use a leather case with a clip by Incase and I didn’t notice the additional weight, even while walking.

As for my concerns about space, I have a huge pile of CDs that I am going to convert to mp3s and import into iTunes. My other justification is that when I travel for work, I travel with my work laptop. I can save myself some time and dump my photos from my travels onto my iPod (we already have the adaptor) which would then sync easily with iPhoto when I return. I’ll make use of the 60 gigs of space.

Verdict: I am thrilled with my new purchase. I highly recommend the color iPod. Everything is better in color. And it you need it, I am more than happy to help you rationalize your purchase.

Now if only I could find the perfect headphones…


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