When A Card Isn’t Just A Card

July 24, 2008

IMG_0670I started my master bedroom update last century, at least that’s what it feels like. In reality, it’s been a little over two months. I did some work, lost inspiration, and recently found it. I had been shopping for Papyrus cards for a friend, and saw two that I loved. Loved them. I decided that I would frame them and hang them in my master bedroom. I bought simple black frames at Michaels, and finally got around to washing the glass and framing the cards. I have to say that the pictures look great. They make me smile when I see them. Bill approves too. Since they were cards, I put double-sided tape inside the card to keep it closed. This was more important for the square card which is framed in kind of a floating frame. The card is an odd shape and I wasn’t interested in having a mat custom cut, or having it custom framed. I found an inexpensive Format Frame with a black background. Originally, I thought I should use the same type of frame for symmetry, but the card on top has three dimensional flowers and needed a mat. I also decided everything doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. I am thrilled with how the bouquet girl looks with the mat. I splurged on a precut double mat (approx. $2), as opposed to the plain cream one that came with the frame. A couple bucks well spent, in my opinion.

I guess the point of this post is to open up your mind. If you see something and it makes you happy, then you can decorate with it. It may take some creativity, but it can be done. And we need to be surrounded by things that make us happy.

IMG_0623Speaking of happy, my mom called me the other day and asked me to be her “joy buddy”. I crinkled up my nose and said, this doesn’t mean I have to be happy, does it? What an odd response! Shouldn’t we welcome all opportunities to find joy and happiness? I’m not exactly sure what my responsibilities are as a “joy buddy” but maybe it’s just to let her know when I find things that make my happy. The truly interesting thing is that earlier that morning, in my car, reluctantly on my way to work, I realized that I was (am) very lucky. Honest to goodness, I looked around (at a red light), saw the sun shining, enjoyed a cool breeze and thought that I was (am) lucky to be alive on such a beautiful day, that I had (have) a wonderful husband, a loving family, a job when others don’t, and all-in-all, much to be thankful for. I shared that revelation with her and we officially became “joy buddies”.

I found some joy at Joann Fabric this afternoon. I went to pick up a few supplies for the bedroom update (bias tape and buttons). They also had some containers that I thought would work for button storage. And I was also going to pick up a pillow form but realized I left my 40% off coupon at home. I held off on the pillow form (plus I had an idea and might not need to buy one). While waiting in line, I noticed the woman in front of me had a page of coupons so I picked up a flyer which they had by the door. I thought I might be able to use one coupon on my order but for everything that rang up that wasn’t already on sale, the cashier scanned a coupon. I got 40% off everything!!! It was like Christmas in July. So go check our your local Joann.

I’m very close on finishing the bedroom update. So close, but this last bit will be the most time consuming I think. Pictures to be posted soon, I promise!

Most importantly, go forth and be joyful.

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