The Laundry Closet Is Done!

June 17, 2005

The laundry closet has actually been done for about 2 weeks, it’s just taken me awhile to take the pictures and update my blog. If you’re interested in the before pictures, check out the original laundry closet post.

We have a ton of storage now. Elfa shelving is awesome. We originally only bought 2 shelves for each side. After we put them up, we realized we would be able to comfortably fit three shelves. Because Elfa gives the flexibility to adjust the shelves, we went back to the Container Store for an extra row of shelves. Our top shelves give us room for growth. I’m storing my beach towels (in a plastic bag so they don’t get dusty) on the left top shelf because those don’t get used very often. On the right top shelf, I’ve store extra office supplies.

Previously, the ironing board was squeezed in the closet next to the dryer (on the right wall). While this maximized space, it was not easy to get the ironing board in and out of the close. Since our board has a cute cover, we bought an over the door ironing board holder and now store the board on the outside of the door where it is very easy to use. It makes a statement with it’s colorful cover. As convenient as this new location is, my husband still doesn’t put the ironing board away; we’ll have to work on that, Bill.

In place of the ironing board, we put up a small towel bar to hang a cleaning rag and my delicates bag.

All of the wash supplies we use regularly (bleach, detergent, baking soda, oxyclean, stain stick and woolite) are on the bottom shelf right above the washer. It is so easy to graph the detergent and bleach bottle. Bill said he didn’t realize how much energy he spent pulling those bottles before we put up the new shelves. I was always worried I was going to hurt my wrist. I put the baking soda and oxyclean in cute glass jars with scoops so that I can easily take the top off my jar and scoop the appropriate powder. No moving of the jar required (although I will have to move the jar when I get close to the bottom). I also put up an undershelf basket for my dryer sheets, color absorbtion sheets and garbage bags. I can easily grab the sheet and it uses space that would otherwise go unused; the lid to the washer easily clears this shelf. The second shelf on the left side is for extra laundry supplies.

On the left wall I have my dustbuster and a bulletin board with laundry instructions and a bag for buttons. The laundry instructions are care of Martha Stewart Living and helpful for deciphering the little graphics on some care tags. I can also pin things that come out of pockets so that one of my cats doesn’t bat it off the dryer.

The shelves on the right side hold ironing supplies, rags, dryel supplies, garbage bags, miscellaneous cleaning supplies and extra hangers. Everything is in a labeled container making easy to know where to find things, or where to put them when I’m done.

There are only 2 things on top of my dryer – a little garbage can and a money jar. The little garbage can collects garbage, mostly dryer lint and tissues from my pockets. All money from our pockets, usually mine, goes in the money jar. I figure every six months or so we’ll empty it. It’s taking all my willpower not to dig the bills out right now. I think there’s about $10 of mine in there. Drats!

Last but not least is the fun orange color. I love it. You make think it’s too bright, but everytime I look in there, I smile.

Bill and I are really happy with our new laundry area. It’s well-organized, colorful and functional.

Update on Laundry Closet

May 30, 2005

Painting is complete. The walls are pretty orange, but I like it. If you look up the stairs from the third floor, you see an orange glow.

It has toned down now that the appliances are in place. Bill also hung the main support for the Elfa shelving. Not the easiest installation he’s had. We’re hoping that we didn’t drill through our neighbors wall or puncture anything that shouldn’t have been punctured.

The doors are back on and I’m pleased with my color choice. It makes me smile which is what I wanted. I’m looking forward to putting up the shelves next weekend and getting everything off my floor! The paint is still pretty fresh and we don’t want to leave any marks from the shelves or face plates, etc.

I’ll post pictures once everything is done!

Redoing Our Laundry Closet

May 29, 2005

I’ve spent a lot of time the last two weeks working on our fourth floor which is our office/laundry room. I’ve been trying to organize my endless supply of craft items, as well as my books, office supplies and desk. Then there’s Bill’s side of the room and the laundry area.

Yesterday, my side of the room was pretty much done so I tackled the laundry area. I decided that the closet could be better organized and that an extra row of shelves would make a difference. To make sure, I started by pulling everything off the shelves to see what I had, what I needed and what I could get rid of. I determined I needed the following:

  • Above the washer – a lower shelf for all my detergent, bleach, baking sode, oxyclean, etc. (things I use regularly) and a higher shelf for extra supplies.
  • Above the dryer – a lower shelf and a rod for extra hangers and my ironing supplies, other misc. supplies and then a higher shelf for extra things like beach towels.

I took inventory of all my stuff and figured out what kind of containers I needed and then took measurements of the closet. Off to the Container Store, I went (dragging Bill with me)! I’m addicted to Elfa Shelving so we met with a planner and designed our closet. I already knew what I wanted so that made it easier, but the Elfa planners are knowledgeable and can help you if you’re not sure what you need. The other great thing is that Elfa is adjustable, interchangeable and extremely easy to install.

While waiting for an Elfa planner, we shopped for our containers and I broke the news to Bill that I wanted to paint the closet. I batted my eyes a few times and he couldn’t say no. I’ve had it in my head that I wanted to paint a room a fun shade of orange and thought the laundry room would be the prefect place for such a happy color. I am not a fan of doing laundry and I figured that the right shade of orange would make me smile when I opened the doors. When I was picking out the color my dad asked what was wrong with more conventional colors and joke about doing my laundry closet in all Home Depot.

Then last night we started to clean out the closet, taking everything out and removing the shelves and ironing board holder. Next was pulling out the washer and dryer. I can’t even describe the amount of dust. Once the washer was moved we found some serious mold growing. Majorly disgusting and made us realize that the area needs to be cleaned out annually. You never know what you might find. We washed, dusted, patched holes and went to sleep, exhausted.

This morning we woke up, painted the ceiling and sanded and primed the patched holes. I’m waiting for the ceiling and primed areas to dry so that I can paint the walls. I want to get the washer and dryer back in place and then later in the week we can install the shelves and put everything back.

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