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March 9, 2005

Another interest of mine is creative writing. Not that I’m necessarily good, but I enjoy it. Getting better requires writing more so occasionally I’ll sit down and let the creative juices flow.

Yesterday’s blog was an idea I’d been mulling ove so I finally put fingers to keys. You’ll see more of these as inspiration strikes.


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The Best Nap

March 8, 2005

I had the best nap today. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and there wasn’t a cloud for miles. I curled up on the bed in the back bedroom and basked in the sunlight. I heard the sound of a train in the background. Oh, that was just me. The room was a little cool, but in the warm rays I was very content. I fell into such a deep and sound sleep, a herd of obnoxious dogs couldn’t have woken me. When I did open my eyes, my brother and sister had joined me. Clearly, I had the right idea. My other sister, the one we don’t like, had the bed in the other room all to herself.

I woke up in enough time to see the sun slip beneath the horizon. The sky was so many different shades, I almost woke up my siblings to share the moment, but at the last minute I got selfish. There would be other sunsets to share.

It wasn’t long after that that I heard my parents car. I stretched lazily and rolled around the bed, none to anxious to get up. My brother and sister were such goodie two shoes they were already downstairs, waiting for the door to open. Whatever. I had more immediate concerns, like dinner. I had all night to spend with Mom and Dad. I rolled over and let out a big yawn. I rolled over again and promptly forgot what I was doing. Whatever it was I knew it could wait. There’d always be later. Mom and Dad would wake me up when they came upstairs. I could do it then.

I knew I needed another nap. The heat just turned on and the room was toasty without being hot. The perfect temperature. I had the bed to myself. The tv was turned on downstairs and the dull noise was lulling me to sleep. This was going to be the best nap I’ve taken today.

–Excerpt from The Life of Harrison


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